'Wisdom' is reflected in the simplicity of the small toy building blocks

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

Do children's building blocks puzzle? Is it really educational for children to play with building blocks? A small building block looks very simple, but it actually contains many functions. The simplicity reveals 'wisdom'. So what are the aspects of children's building blocks? What are the benefits for children's growth! Let's take a look at the benefits of building blocks with the editor of Chinese and foreign toy nets below! What are the performances of    children's building blocks? Building block toys can help children mainly have the following points:    1. Exercise hand-eye coordination.   When stacking wood, children need to use their hands dexterously, so they can promote the development of fine motor. Stacking scattered building blocks to create complex objects can also exercise hand-eye coordination.  2. Cultivate observation ability.   Objects like houses built by children are actually common in life. They must first learn to observe, and then in the process of playing, use building blocks to express the things they observe in daily life. Observation is cultivated unconsciously.   3. Cultivate communication skills.   It’s best to let the children build blocks with other children, which is more fun than playing alone. Moreover, children build building blocks together and they will inspire each other, so they will play more seriously, which is also good for cultivating children's ability to get along with others.   4. Make children more confident.   The process of building blocks can be completely controlled by the child, which will bring satisfaction and self-confidence to the child.  5. In the process of playing with building blocks, children can also learn a lot of mathematics knowledge, cultivate a sense of space, imagination, creativity and language expression ability, etc.   Children’s building blocks puzzle is undoubtedly, building block toys play a very important role in the growth of children, otherwise the Lego brand will not be developed. However, when buying building block toys, you should be more cautious and pay attention to the production materials and quality of the building blocks to prevent children from causing safety and hygiene problems due to actual consumption. Therefore, when choosing building block toys, in addition to the international brands of Lego, domestic toys should be more choices. Reliable and well-known toy company.
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