Wine was a desk the plaything of qianlong emperor valuation must hk $_ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2020-06-18
Core clew: the purport of generic marks are under emperor qianlong Stan type sheep would first white wash at sotheby's spring sales in Hong Kong, this kind of style artifacts in the salesroom is extremely rare, its value in 20 million to 30 million under the emperor qianlong purport of generic first white wash the mark stein type sheep at sotheby's spring sales in Hong Kong, this kind of style artifacts in the salesroom is extremely rare, its value between about 20 million and hk $30 million, become a highlight in the sotheby's spring sales. On April 11, a mark is Stan type sheep would first wash at sotheby's Hong Kong auction spring Chinese porcelain and arts and crafts. This style items in auction houses have been relatively rare, and this is unique, its valuation between about 20 million to hk $30 million. Mark stein in northern India, including Kashmir and Pakistan, here is rich in jade, jade carving industry is very developed. When the Ottoman empire jade article through the xinjiang east, also called mark to Stan real style including India and Turkey, two kinds of style. Mark stein about jade in qing qianlong period began to enter the imperial palace, loved by the qianlong emperor, in his nearly 800 poems of jade, there are more than 30 of question mark stein jade poems. Under the supervisor of the qianlong emperor, qing dynasty palace in the office office created AD hoc generic mark stein jade special work, imitation mark stein jade also to become a new member of the family of Chinese ancient jades. Sotheby's Hong Kong Chinese art experts Shen Enwen: this white wash is under emperor qianlong purport of generic, not sacrifice. Mark made in north India Stan jade are used white jade, jade and the washing is to the best of hetian jade imitation, the jade is exquisite, smooth, far from general white jade than in India. And it is with a big hetian jade carved, jade more consumption. Washing the actual is wine, this wine first designed to handle of the ram, sheep outline first detailed characterization, even the head and neck joint all exquisite and delicate, it serves to show its royal demeanor. Cut carving skill, polishing technology is a must, is made of clear acting palace do imitation mark all Stan jade for the masterpiece. Is wine, but too expensive, even in the period of emperor qianlong, this one is only the emperor desk with appreciate the thing in the world, even the emperor has never used. Mark stein jade style in the majority with plates, bowls, tend to the shape of a short, and the statue of wine's strange in shape is very high, the unique shape of known only this one. In addition, the washing has original double engraved look red sandalwood frame, are in the most expensive carved rosewood and jade have exactly the same as the double sheep first wash, craft numerous opportunely, gorgeous luxury, jade wash retainer, like a shadow is also a symbol of imperial power are on their high. Qianlong jade wash the height value, can be seen. In the past year and a half, white jade rise greatly, such as the price of hk $2 million white jade bottle before, now prices are often up to 4 million to hk $6 million. In 2003, sotheby's had a mark stein jade bottle sold hk $1 million, the same one bottle last year estimated to reach 6 million Hong Kong dollars, clinch a deal finally unexpectedly for hk $10 million, three or four years 10 times the price is higher.
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