Win in the terminal, make good use of creative promotional gifts

by:Ennas      2022-02-11

Innovative and unique creativity is of indispensable importance in the marketing of gift companies. It can not only increase the added value of products, but also bring unexpected promotion to brand promotion. If gift companies can skillfully use these creative promotional gifts to improve their promotional skills, they will be more competitive in terminal promotions.   Lighters, ashtrays, key chains, towels...Promotional items on the market today are almost commonplace, the same as the same, and consumers are weak or even disgusted with them. As a result, the promotion of promotional items in the terminal is also deteriorating. What kind of promotional gifts are good? New and original promotional gifts that can increase sales are definitely one category.   Creative promotional small gift service also needs the carrier of gifts. New, strange, special and special gifts are still pursued by the industry.   There are three feasible paths. One is patented products. Whether it is design, utility model or invention patent, it can be widely recognized. The second is brand-licensed products, because brand-licensed products do not directly compete with existing products in the four major channels, and can find value, price, and profit margins in the gift industry. For example, a piece of ordinary note paper is designed in the shape of half an apple, and when it is spread out, it becomes a whole apple, which can stand out and attract the attention of consumers.  There are many creative ways, such as redeveloping existing gifts in the market. The so-called stone from other mountains can be used for jade. A good promotional gift is a bait, because it can attract customers and at the same time urge customers to pay.
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