Will electronic products replace traditional toys?

by:Ennas      2021-12-16

The advancement of technology has brought tremendous changes to our lives. Ten years ago, people could not believe what would exist, maybe people today are accustomed to using it. This change in living habits and ways has also affected the new generation of children. In China's large, medium and small cities, when you go out to eat, you will see people in the restaurant looking down and swiping their phones, and children who are a few years old are no exception. Earlier, there were also news reports that as long as an ipad can attract most of the children in a class to huddle together to play, and even take them away without a trace. Are electronic devices such as mobile phones and tablets really so attractive to children? What do young parents think of this? To this end, the editor conducted a special test, and the locations were selected in Beijing Chaoyang Joy City and Shanghai Huanmao. The test is divided into two sessions. In the first test, children will be provided with building blocks and puzzle toys for free; in the second test, children will be provided with free software to download on their mobile phones and tablets. The editor selected three representative applications today, namely: purely game-based 'Moore ManorThe test target group was selected as preschool children aged 4-6 years. The editor will separately record the average time the children spend playing, and whether they will 'go home and continue to play' with the editor. Finally, the children’s parents will be interviewed to find out their views on traditional toys and electronic products. The test results show that in Beijing, the average time for children from the beginning of playing with building blocks to leaving is about 5.3 minutes. The average time for playing 'Moore Manor' is about 9 minutes, and the average time for playing '' is about 5 minutes. The average time to play 'Pink Dolphin Bodu' is about 8 minutes. In Shanghai, the above time is in order: 3.6 minutes, 7.3 minutes, 7 minutes and 10 minutes. It can be seen that children generally spend more time playing with electronic devices than traditional toys, and about 52% of children said after playing electronic games, 'willing to go to the house with aunt to continue playing'. This test result allows parents They are shocking. The results of interviews with parents show that about 30% of parents are relatively resistant to electronic devices, and they rarely try APP products for their children at home. About 45% of parents said that some of the apps recommended by the editor can be considered as appropriate. For example, 'Pink Dolphin Bodu' has been well received by parents, while 25% of parents said that their children have no problem playing with electronic devices and are acceptable. They usually go out and often use electronic devices if their children are crying. Coax the baby. It is not difficult to see that most parents have a certain resistance to electronic devices. Children’s resistance to temptation is too weak. Children 20 years ago may be addicted to TV, children 10 years ago may be addicted to computers, but today’s children are likely to be addicted to mobile phones and tablets. We are very pleased that parents are sufficiently vigilant about this, but how can we help children resist the temptation brought by these electronic products? After all, there are too many interesting apps, and even the editor can't help but want to try more. First of all, parents should pay more attention to the characteristics and characteristics of their babies, find out what they are really interested in, and take them outside on weekends. During the holidays, they can take them to travel everywhere. Or accompany the babies to read, tell stories, or go to the library. Reading thousands of books and traveling thousands of miles is very beneficial to broaden the horizons of the babies. Secondly, puzzle games are not completely impossible to play, but they should be played in moderation and purposeful and planned under the guidance of parents. On the one hand, it prevents babies from being addicted, on the other hand it also prevents myopia. In this way, don't bad things turn into good things? Finally, I wish every baby can grow up healthily and vigorously!
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