Why Longgang District's toy export industry will show a trend of growth against the trend

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

Longgang is one of the areas where toys are produced and exported the most in the Pearl River Delta area. In the first three quarters of this year, the value of toys exported by Longgang District reached 968 million US dollars, an increase of 16.39% compared with the same period last year; the value of exported high-tech electric toys was 271 million US dollars, a year-on-year increase of 96%. This is a set of data obtained by the reporter from the District Inspection and Quarantine Bureau yesterday.   Under the difficulties of the overall domestic economic downturn, the rising overall cost of the export toy industry, and insufficient external demand, why does the toy export industry in Longgang District show a trend of growth against the trend?  High quality of exported toys  Strong ability to develop high-end products   Located in Henggang Street, Caili Electronics is the company that exported the most toys in Longgang District in the first three quarters of this year, with an export value of 370 million yuan.   'Compared with previous years, the increase is about 20%.' Xu Wen, the head of the company's sales department, introduced. Caili Electronics mainly produces series of toys for infants and toddlers from 0 to 3 years old, which are exported to more than 270 countries and regions. 'The first three quarters are the peak season for the toy industry.' Due to the economic downturn in foreign countries last year, Caili Electronics stocked a batch of goods that were not sold out last year. In addition, the company has made some strategic transformations this year and introduced large customers such as Disney. , Increased its popularity, and made a lot of contributions to the export of toys. In addition, this year the company has also upgraded its maternal and infant products. “In the past, it produced single accessories and small toys, but now it is transforming to games and combination toys, and it produces complete sets of large-scale toys.”    has been engaged in toys for a long time. Liu Liming, deputy chief of the Toy Inspection and Supervision Section of the District Inspection and Quarantine Bureau for export inspection and quarantine, introduced that in the first three quarters of this year, Longgang's export toys mainly showed high quality, strong development capabilities, and obvious comparative advantages. Mid-to-high-end products are favored by foreign countries. Features.  Enterprises develop new markets  European and American markets are recovering  In addition to the company's own efforts and successful strategic transformation, the toy export industry has also ushered in new international market opportunities.   'Enterprises have achieved certain results in developing markets in emerging countries, and there are signs of recovery in European and American markets.' According to Liu Liming, in the first three quarters, Longgang's export business to South America, Asia and other regions and countries has increased. Statistics show that the value of goods exported to emerging markets has exceeded 1 million US dollars. From 12 countries in the first three quarters of 2014 to 14 countries in 2015, the export market diversification development strategy has achieved initial results.   On the other hand, demand in the European and American markets has bottomed out, and customers' willingness to place orders has increased significantly. Liu Liming also pointed out, “Although the toy export industry has bucked the trend this year, the foundation is still not strong, and the overall foreign trade environment and living conditions have not been fundamentally improved. In the medium and long term, Longgang’s export toy business has the potential for weak growth and needs toys. Companies will make a transitional offensive based on their own characteristics.'
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