Why in the high-end pen still use resin material?

by:Ennas      2021-10-14
Why use resin material in some high-end pen? Resin does most of the acrylic ( Most of the line) 电脑( Ling mei 2000 and a few small factory in China) , celluloid CA acetate fiber, the main reason is that, the several kinds of materials processing has already very mature, the processing cost is relatively cheap, as long as you are not particularly puzzling situation, the use of a material can be used for a long time. And design and color also can attract people, compared with the need to do some high-end material pattern ( Such as titanium dual damascene, Mokume Gane, Damascus steel, Ultem9085) Need a much lower cost. The average person can afford more. In addition, basic simple cheap material mixed together can make design and color have administrative levels feeling, for the most part mechanical strength will increase, such as acryloid Visconti material is ( Acrylic + acetate) , and ling mei 2000 black/blue version of the material is not cloning ( PC + glass fiber) Resin application is also have a top material, such as the PEI ( For most of the $1010 can be thought of as ULTEM ULTEM = 9085 PC + PEI) Resin, resistance to HouJia good hardness and high toughness or natural amber. Accurately, PEI is chemical history one of the top best comprehensive properties of the resin. And PBI company also similar, with ultra high resistance to high temperature performance and high hardness and durability. Like PBI company, PEI resin, I think it is better than stainless steel aluminum copper alloy type of ordinary alloy high grade and durable. Just now only in a small factory. Seems to be in the Philippines KASAMA UNA, in addition to the small factory also released a PEEK materials pen, just PEEK weatherability was not beautiful, although the material also can be top resin material ( PEEK is one of the very strange materials, can be resistant to high energy less energy ultraviolet ray is not tolerance) 。 The zirconium and titanium in rare metal niobium and tantalum is also useful to the rare, but their only one. Australian Phil Ward lighthouse compasses pen, using niobium pen, other part is silver + + zircon titanium alloy components, only a prototype but did not continue to produce. Mainly, usually use ordinary precious metals ( Not some special, such as Ti3Au, Magic Gold this) It is too soft and easy to scratch. 14 k hard chromium increases the platinum hardness after heat treatment was to more than 350 hv, but very few jewellers in use. Palladium silver is also relatively high hardness and not too expensive ( Relative to the K gold and platinum) 。 But at present, under normal circumstances, can buy the largest diameter palladium silver bars and only 6 mm, so forget an pen (' But there are Jean Pierre Lepine Cybergraph Palladium that seems to be no pure Palladium plating pen, made of individual thinks is lost wax casting) 。 And precious metal pen tend to be heavier, precious metals to do light in weight, or Wan Depa that Juliet's silver, or whole hollow out, but hollow out inside the dew on the ink is out, so do large diameter change piston pen again, which increases weight. According to the knowledge of material science, think the ideal pen pen of the special material: hot pressed silicon nitride, machinable aluminum nitride, gold/aluminum/titanium ceramic, alumina, zirconia, parts of titanium alloy, part of the zirconium, tantalum, tungsten alloy cold rolled silver tungsten alloy, 254/654 - SMO steel, PPS/PEI/PBI company and reinforced material, CMC, AZH, TZM alloy, DSN9 steel, Wieland dental gold/palladium silver alloy ( The advertising, after all, the world can buy hard gold alloy seems to just this one) , too make alloy ( Don't pull some laboratory product) And so on. The above materials may have been applied on the pen, and some haven't been applied in the sum of the above, but the use of these materials is the pen of the environment is good enough, so to speak.
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