Why do consumers have no idea about wine prices?

by:Ennas      2022-02-11

Overview of the surging changes in the Chinese wine market in the past ten years, wine, 'red wine commonly known by consumersFaced with such a wine, why didn't Mr. Hao and his team focus on promotion? Why do consumers have no idea about wine prices? The main reason is that, as an imported product, although wine has been developed in China for more than ten years, the product still lacks its base price in the minds of consumers.' In layman's terms, consumers have a strong understanding of wine categories and brands. Clear psychological base price. Wine has two attributes, one is a personalized product with typical regional and agricultural characteristics; the other is a popular, fast-selling product with industrial characteristics. These two characteristics are often promoted. They are conflicting and difficult to unify. It seems almost impossible to establish a so-called base price between the two. Just like the dispute between foreign fast food and Chinese food a few years ago. But a few years later, this kind of argument is meaningless. Today, Chinese fast food has the potential to defeat foreign fast food and erode the market share of traditional Chinese food. The core reason is that Chinese-style fast food has formed their base price in consumers' minds and their additional brands. Only in this way can they become popular in today's faster and faster consumption pace in the Internet era. Why do consumers have no idea about wine prices? The consumer base is usually composed of two aspects, one is the quality standard of the product itself and the corresponding price; the other is the consumer's acceptance of quality and price standards. The two are indispensable, and are mutually cause and effect. After several years of development in the Chinese liquor market, there are countless successful cases in this regard. And wine, especially imported wine, has just begun. The United States is the most commercially developed country in the world. 'Yellow-tailed kangaroo' becomes Australia's first brand in the United States is a process of establishing a consumer bid. However, it is obviously not necessary whether 'yellow-tailed kangaroo' can become China's first Australian brand. In the early wine market development, consumers mostly made tentative consumption. After several years, this kind of tentative consumption has gradually formed its own base price in the minds of consumers. This is inseparable from the tireless efforts of our vast number of practitioners over the years. Consumers have gradually established their own standards for what flavor of wine to drink, what quality of wine to drink, and how much wine to drink. This in itself is the result of the interaction between consumption and marketing. However, the current interaction only exists in point-to-point interactions, and there is no scale and branding. The consumer price of wine cannot be reduced significantly, and the intermediate circulation cost is still too high. Why do consumers have no idea about wine prices? The power to determine the base price of wine consumption must be in the hands of consumers. Respecting consumers' right to choose, respecting consumers' consumption habits, producing cost-effective products, formulating reasonable sales prices, and choosing effective sales channels are the basic rules of product promotion. Only if the products and prices launched by wine producers and promoters meet the consumer's bottom line of wine consumption and can be obtained through efficient and convenient channels, the spring of wine sales can come, and this day can be said to be just around the corner!
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