Why did the toy giant Hasbro publicly apologize and remove the explosions? What happened?

by:Ennas      2022-01-21
In recent years, while educating their children, parents have paid more attention to the education of their children's awareness of men and women, not only to teach their children to protect themselves, but also to teach their children to respect others. However, it was impossible to guard against, and there were still some unscrupulous merchants, once again reaching out to the young children. The world-renowned IP Magic Hair Wizard is jointly created by Universal Pictures and DreamWorks. The 'Magic Hair Fairy' released in 2016, with its wild imagination, witty and joyful stories, and hilarious songs and dances, has become popular all over the world, and has won a box office of 347 million US dollars. In 2020, 'Tangling 2' has been upgraded and returned in the anticipation of countless movie fans, and once again received wide acclaim. It is reported that both Hasbro and Lego were fighting for this authorization at the time. But in January, Hasbro's first products have been launched, including movie version of small dolls, fashion dolls and functional dolls. Other products of the toy manufacturer, including accessories and sets, will be launched this spring. Recently, toy giant Hasbro apologized to consumers for a toy that was alleged to promote child abuse and immediately recalled the toy. According to a report by Daliy Star in the United Kingdom on August 9, a mother from the United States recently shared a video on social platforms exposing unscrupulous merchants. She said that she bought her daughter’s favorite toy on her daughter’s birthday. A gift, I found an incredible thing by accident—the doll’s private part was also equipped with a button, and pressing the button would make an unsuitable sound for children, which frightened the mother. According to sources, the mother is from Leiden, Utah, and her name is Jamie Cornaby. The toy in the video is one of the cartoon characters in the popular American animation 'TrollsLike children, the daughter of American reality TV star Kylie Jenner (Stormi) was also deeply fascinated by it. Jamie, who is happy to prepare a birthday present for his daughter, did not expect that the toy he bought would be a nightmare. In the video, Jamie said that pressing Troll’s belly toy will sing the theme song of the cartoon, as described in the box, but if you lift its skirt, you will find that Troll’s private part has a button. After pressing, a series of female panting sounds were made. I know some of you might think this is nothing, but as a mother, I think it is too bad for my child. After being reposted by the American politician Sam Parker, this video has now been circulated on Twitter. The total number of views has reached more than 700,000 times. It has aroused the anger of many netizens. There is one named Jessie. The parents of Jessica McManis (Jessica McManis) initiated a petition on the Internet requesting that the merchant 'HasbroHasbro (Hasbro) currently stated that they will remove all the products from the shelves. The company executive Julie Duffy said: This function was originally designed to make Troll sound when sitting down, but we are now aware that the sensor location may It is out of season, we definitely did not do it deliberately, and will compensate consumers for all the losses caused by our omissions. Source: Translating Eyes to See the World, Toy Shop
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