Why are Lego bricks so popular? When will the dominance of one party continue?

by:Ennas      2022-02-01
In building block toys, we should be able to see: Lego toys are very popular in the Chinese market. The market share in China is also far ahead, and domestic building block manufacturers can only blame their expectations. What makes Lego toys so popular in the domestic market? 1. The historical precipitation of corporate culture Lego is a Danish building block manufacturer with a history of nearly 90 years. It is conceivable that the entire corporate culture has been well precipitated. Whether it is from product development, manufacturing, quality control, to employee management, brand services, LEGO has clearly formed its own set of corporate management models. Many domestic manufacturers started late, so this Lego advantage is still extremely obvious. 2. The high-end route of the product. At present, the price of Lego products on sale is still not low, generally several times, or even ten times, the price of the same type of domestic building blocks. As we all know, in 2016, Lego built Asia's first manufacturing plant in Zhejiang, so it is said that the same building blocks produced in China, some well-known domestic manufacturers will not lose much of Lego in terms of building block quality. The price gap is largely due to Lego's proper grasp of new gameplay and trendy IP, which Lego has taught domestic manufacturers a lesson. 3. Customer after-sales service I have to say that people's pursuit of after-sales service has risen to a new height. Even some Chinese consumers have excessive demands on the continued vitality of the brand. For example, buying a set of Lego bricks is entirely because things are rare and expensive. Therefore, the after-sales service of building block toys is not just a mere replacement and replacement. A new type of after-sales service is taking shape, that is, preservation of value.
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