White marble

by:Ennas      2021-09-21
Core tip: white marble stone lions production process of material selection is white marble, white marble is so what? Some people think, white is white marble stone, was not wrong, is the production process of Chinese white marble stone lions in the material chosen is white marble, white marble is so what? Some people think, white is white marble stone, was not wrong, is the mistake of white marble, have individual suppliers and customers to white marble stone don't understand the physiological, tap on payments, shoddy, entice consumers, moreover basic don't know what a white marble, a white marble, I didn't buy for the price in the market, with a white stone as marble, also in the market, the Internet hype, the sham as the genuine, infringement of white marble, make a group purchase customers fall into the trap outlaws of white marble, deceived, domestic consumers and merchants. Distinguish the pros and cons of white marble stone, supplies level respectively, as is usually divided into level 1, level 2, level 3 and level 4, ok, rocky difference is very big, important to detect the density and purity, white marble is better in white marble, it has veins, and not to produce white stone is white marble, don't mistake the origin of a product, white marble on the quality of a material, also has the very big difference, unified vein, difference quarried stone mining area is a big difference, unified the stone mining, people divided into good order, owe good order, every order stone are of different kind of dispute, there is hardness, color, texture, iron, iron wire, etc. , can be said to be differ in thousands ways. Other weathering fixed number of year, also look at the natural white marble deposit formation of white marble engraved stagnant, make the machining, the scope for the topic of it is also necessary to think in terms of project plan. Great white marble stone texture carefully and hardness of the high energy stone engraved out good works, can according to the building materials for thousands of years not weathering, time of material, plain white marble is difference, weathering period, early decades long, short of a few years, some even the weathering, others just a few years there are stone layer stone line crack signs. Especially is ordinary white stone, produced in many places, quality differ in thousands ways, especially after making products, more find it hard to identify strengths and weaknesses of the material. White marble stone lions demand is very big still, especially white marble is in great demand on building decoration, is a limited mining country of stone material, some engineering specified use level of white marble, some are not, other white marble material also have more degrees, can also be used in building decoration, but sure to choose the right material, can be less expensive to attach work also can make a good project.
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