'Where Are You Going Dad' and the industries related to the products children love

by:Ennas      2021-12-11

In the past few days, I have been watching a celebrity parent-child show field variety show 'Where is Dad?' and there are reports that the ratings of this show continue to rise to new highs.   I recently saw an article, the marketing keywords behind 'Where are you going, Dad'. The author analyzed the successful marketing strategy of the show from a marketing perspective. I watched this program, thought it was very beautiful, and wanted to try to analyze it from the perspective of the consumption potential industry:    One is an industry related to the products that children like.   Children are the future of the motherland. The things that children like, and the things that children like, such as cartoons, playgrounds, toys, story books, watercolor pens, tablets, etc., are industries with consumer potential. There is also the education of children, not necessarily in the classroom books, perhaps more in the little bit of life, in the subtle influence of the surrounding environment by parents and deeds.   The second is related industries that concern mothers about products.   Although 'Where Are You Going, Dad' is an interpretation of the various experiences between the father and the children, the mothers who are most excited, touched, and concerned about the children before the video. I saw an article in the Huffington Post in the United Kingdom, saying that in recent years, women’s consumption has risen. In a family, the life of a family mainly depends on the hostess. Mothers are more aware of the basic life needs, dietary preferences, and dietary needs of each member of the family. For the purchasing expenses of daily necessities, mothers know how to spend the least money to buy the most affordable, best and most daily necessities. Living at home, if there are no mothers to plan carefully, no amount of money will be enough to spend. Therefore, the products that mothers like have potential for consumption.   The third is tourism and experience economy.   'Where are you going, Dad' selected a characteristic tourist attraction. According to an article on CNN, the tourism industry has development potential in terms of the global economy, especially our country. Looking at the experience economy again, the process of tourism is an experience in itself, to appreciate the customs of all parts of the world and feel the joy of traveling. The extension of the service economy is the experience economy.  For example, when traveling to Hong Kong Disneyland, consumers pay more attention to experience participation and sense of accomplishment. Consumers pay more attention to emotional experience, such as dancing together, some challenging sports training, such as diving, surfing, bungee jumping and so on.  Fourth is camera media and mobile terminals.   Just like in the program 'Where is Dad?How to share, camera technology, network technology, video technology, mobile phones and mobile terminals, etc., these related industries have consumption potential.  Fifth is the service economy and cultural industry.  As people's material life gets better and better, ordinary residents have more demands for cultural consumption. Statistics show that cultural consumption is in a period of rapid rise, and the cultural industry is developing rapidly, especially including consumer-centric consumption patterns. Statistics show that the service industry has surpassed the industrial manufacturing industry, the film industry, entertainment industry, cultural industry or the next industry with the most consumption potential.
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