What will happen to the gift market promotion in 2015?

by:Ennas      2022-02-07

At present, the gift industry has entered the peak of promotion. Compared with the previous promotion activities, the popularity is now getting less and less popular. What changes will happen to the gift market in 2015?   First of all, events must be more and more frequent, and fewer and fewer people come to the event site. This is something that everyone can clearly feel.  Second, customers are becoming more and more divergent. 2015 will be more frequent. In the context of this more frequent promotion, the ability to gather customers in a single event will decline, and the popularity of the event will not be as high as before.   Third, the channels are more diversified. From the store to the Internet, to the recommendation of friends, including sales methods, there will be many changes. There are even customer gathering activities in stores such as alliance meetings and bargaining meetings, and each activity will divert some people.   It is well known that promotional activities in the gift industry will achieve a rapid increase in performance in a short period of time. Without promotion, there are very few customers. Is it possible to achieve performance growth only through promotion to attract customers?   If we only do activities without paying attention to some consumer experience, consumer satisfaction, and consumer demand, the input-output ratio of the activity will become lower and lower.  Customers have understood their needs, think our stuff is good, and will refer to others. On the basis of a good reputation, we put prices in the store, and customers feel that it is more value-for-money. If we are out of the sale of our product itself, we just say that we sell it, do activities, and sell activities, especially when shopping guides in the store sell activities as soon as they enter, including what the product is, what is the customer’s demand, and our selling point. When the basic issues are not clear, it is impossible to maintain such an increase in performance. In 2015, there will be promotional activities, but its content will be richer, the form will be more diverse, the effect will be more precise, not too much, 2-3 times a year is enough, do sales, Push the brand and train your ability.
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