What toy can make children learn English? It’s so fun to use ABC for enlightenment

by:Ennas      2022-02-02
Many parents know that English enlightenment should be as early as possible. Before the age of 6 is the golden period of language learning, the baby’s absorptive capacity is like a sponge, and he can always learn new vocabulary and use it quickly. How to start English enlightenment, in fact, apart from the clichés In addition to listening to English songs and watching English animations, you can also integrate English words into your daily life. This Lelefish magnetic English alphabet sticker is a good helper for babies' enlightenment. 01 Separate storage in a box, a total of 208 pieces (2 sets of uppercase letters, 6 sets of lowercase letters), each grid is affixed with a letter sticker, which is convenient for storage, and can also strengthen the baby’s understanding of letters, cultivate the ability to classify and Get a good habit. 02 The material is soft and magnetic, which can decorate every corner of the home anywhere and create an English learning environment. 03 Cognitive cards and puzzle board games are given to enhance parent-child interaction and learn while playing. If your baby is in the golden age of language, don't miss it, hurry up and buy products to help English enlightenment.
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