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What Tools Do You Need for Resin Crafts? A Complete Guide

What Tools Do You Need for Resin Crafts? A Complete Guide


Having a resin crafts manufacturer to turn to whenever you want new, beautiful pieces is great! But if you’re ready to also make epoxy resin crafts on your own, you must get all the tools you need. Not only that, you need to make sure the tools are right for the job. However, knowing where to start can be overwhelming. Today, we will make the process easier by providing a complete overview of all the tools you need. Ready to bring your creations to life?


10 Necessary Tools to Make Resin Crafts

The main thing you need to start making resin crafts is high-quality epoxy resin. Take your time browsing the options and comparing brands so you can get the best possible option within your budget. Once you have that, you’ll need some essential tools. Such as:

 1. Silicone molds for resin crafts

Silicone molds are perfect for all kinds of resin crafts and they will make the process a lot easier. Silicone molds are better than plastic molds because they won’t rip or lose their shape over time. They’re reusable and you will find them in many different shapes and sizes to suit the needs of the project you have in mind.

 2. A good pair of disposable gloves

When you’re working with epoxy resin, a good pair of disposable gloves is a must. The resin is sticky, so wearing gloves will prevent messes. If your skin is sensitive, the gloves will also protect you from skin irritation. You can use latex gloves or nitrile gloves, which are similar to latex but are fully non-allergenic. We recommend buying in bulk if you have a lot of resin crafts in mind.


 3. Something to protect your work surface

Whether you have a dedicated work area or you’re using any table in your home, you should protect it. If you’re working on big resin crafts, you should get a plastic drop sheet. This will catch any resin drops and spills. Plus, you can reuse it a lot. However, if you’re working on small resin crafts, parchment paper will work just as well and it’s probably something you already have on hand.

 4. Stir sticks to prepare the epoxy resin

The thing about epoxy resin is that you have to prepare it by mixing the resin with the hardener. To do that, you’ll need reliable stir sticks. If you don’t mix the epoxy resin well, it will affect the quality of your crafts. So, you need to make sure you have a stir stick with a flat side. A flat design will allow you to stir and scrape the bottom more effectively than a rounded utensil. You can use wooden stir sticks, which are disposable, or get a plastic stir stick that you can use long-term.


 5. Plastic mixing containers with measurements

Mixing containers are essential when working with epoxy resin. We recommend you get plastic mixing containers with measurements to avoid inaccuracies. It’s very important to mix equal parts of resin and hardener, so having measurements on the containers will make that a lot easier. Plastic mixing containers are also reusable because once you let the leftover resin cure, you can just peel it off.

 6. A plastic spreader

A plastic spreader is another essential tool because it allows you to distribute the resin evenly. Especially if you’re working on a flat craft, such as coasters or bookmarks. The spreader should have a flat edge to make the distribution process a lot easier and get the resin to all edges of the surface. You might also need tools such as toothpicks or popsicle sticks to get the resin to every nook and cranny.

 7. A high-quality flame torch

When you’re making resin crafts, sometimes bubbles are unavoidable no matter how careful you are. So, if you want a flawless finish for all your epoxy resin pieces, you’ll need a flame torch. Some people use hair dryers, but they don’t always get hot enough to eliminate bubbles effectively. That’s why so many people prefer a flame torch. A small, butane flame torch will be perfect for the job and they’re very easy to find.

 8. A nice dust cover to protect pieces while curing

Epoxy resin takes between 24 to 72 hours to fully cure, which means you have to let your pieces sit for a long time. However, you don’t want any dust or debris to mess up the flawless finish you worked so hard for. To avoid that, you’ll need a dust cover. This will allow you to keep your crafts protected and clean. You can use a cardboard box or a plastic tote, you just have to make sure they’re clean.

 9. Sandpaper for finishing touches

Sometimes, even if you take precautions, you may find a bubble, a bit of dust, or hair in your resin crafts. If that happens, don’t fret! You can use sandpaper to sand down the first coat of resin and remove the imperfection. Then, you can pour a fresh coat of resin and the piece will be as good as new. A piece of sandpaper will do, but you could also get an electric sander for this.

 10. Accessories and inclusions

Accessories and embellishments are not as essential as other tools on the list, but they’re a must if you want to spruce up your pieces. Some of the most popular options include charms, gold leaf, glitter, decorative stones, shells, rhinestones, dried flowers, plastic flowers, and much more. There are a million different things you can use to decorate your resin crafts, so the sky's the limit.


Tools to Make Resin Crafts

Your resin crafts will be as good as your process and the tools you use. So, make sure to get everything you need to work confidently. If you want to continue growing your resin crafts collection while you learn to make your own pieces, Ennas Gifts is one of the best resin crafts manufacturers to watch. Browse their impressive catalog to learn more and find beautiful options!

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