What skills should be paid attention to for price reduction promotion in the gift industry?

by:Ennas      2022-02-09

Price reduction is the most commonly used promotion method in the gift industry. However, some merchants’ price reduction signs say “clearance sale, price reduction” and other negative impressions. If the number of times increases, it is easy to detract from the store’s image. Enter the image of a low-end store selling cheap processed goods. Even if the price is lowered, try to use words such as 'discounted priceAccording to past experience, when the price reduction rate is less than 10%, there is almost no promotional effect; the price reduction rate must be at least 15% to 20% or more to produce a significant promotional effect. However, when the price reduction rate exceeds 50% or more, It is necessary to explain the sufficient reason for the substantial price reduction, otherwise customers will suspect that this is a counterfeit and shoddy product, and will not dare to buy it.  2. A small number of products in a store have a large price reduction, which is better than a small price reduction promotion effect for many kinds of products.    High popularity, Products with a high market share have a good price reduction promotion effect, while products with a low visibility and low market share have a poor price reduction promotion effect.    3. There are many ways to convey price reduction information to consumers. Hang the price reduction label directly on the product, the most effective Attract consumers to buy immediately. Because customers can not only see the amount and extent of the price reduction at a glance, but also see the price reduction products. Comparing the two, they can immediately make a decision whether to buy or not.    4. On the price reduction label or price reduction advertisement, The two prices before and after the price reduction should be indicated, or the amount and extent of the price reduction should be indicated; some merchants will put the two price tags before and after the price on the product to prove the authenticity of the price reduction.    5. Consumer shopping psychology is sometimes not buying or not Buy it.' When the price drops, they still hold the currency to wait and see, waiting for a more substantial price cut; when the price rises, they buy in rush instead, forming a panic buying trend. Merchants should seize the opportunity to use consumers' psychology of buying up and not buying down to promote their own products.
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