What kind of toys are suitable for 1-6-year-old babies? Dudu children's emotional education robots accompany children to grow up happily

by:Ennas      2022-01-11
Lu Xun once said: Play is the most legitimate behavior of children, and toys are children's angels. Under the growth model of toys u003d childhood, almost every parent is worried about buying toys for their children. What kind of toys are suitable for children to play with? A good toy can not only provide children with fun to play, but also accompany them to spend a happy childhood, let them inspire in the play, and help children grow up healthily. Especially for children aged 1-6, it is the golden stage of early education and an important period for the intellectual development of the child's entire life. Therefore, parents must be cautious when choosing toys for their children. When choosing toys for children, on the one hand, we must ensure that the toys can bring joy to the children, and on the other hand, we must ensure the safety of the toys. Dudu Children’s Emotional Education Robot is the latest generation of children’s emotional education robot launched in 2017. Emotionally, it can give children a good playmate to accompany and narrate, so that they can’t be with their parents for various reasons and compensate for the lack of children. Part of the parental love and maternal love, through the Dudu children’s emotional education robot, parents can walk into the child’s inner world, understand the true thoughts of the child’s heart, and build a bridge between children and parents; in learning, AI + education Create an intelligent education platform in the form of real one-to-one teaching, entertaining and learning, inspire children's imagination and creativity, learn in interest, and let children be one step ahead and win on the starting line. The specific functions of Dudu Children's Emotional Education Robot: (1) It will transform into a robot. Make friends with children Through the mobile phone APP, you can control the robot to communicate and interact with the children, and contact the children as friends, breaking the generation gap and barriers. (2) Massive knowledge, powerful brain. Massive cloud content meets the needs of every step of the child's growth, broad knowledge and enlighten the future, so that the child's world is no longer alone. (3) The patron saint of the family. The home situation can be controlled at any time, video surveillance, home security at a glance. Intelligent teaching, interactive education, combination of preaching and teaching, one question and one answer to learn knowledge; a full set of synchronous learning materials for 3-12 years old, allowing children to learn in joy. (4) Synchronous education has built-in massive learning resources, including children's stories, puzzle early education, and synchronized elementary school textbooks. (5) Communicate in time. Love is by your side. No matter how far away, parents and children can communicate in real time and feel the company of their families. (6) One-to-one private tutoring to improve children's interest in learning. (7) Family group chat, support group chat, babies, parents, grandparents, and distant relatives and friends can chat online at the same time. (8) Unique LED dot matrix screen design, dedicated to protecting children's eyesight. (9) Regular reminders, personalized reminders, subtly develop good habits. (10) Personal butler, intelligent analysis to solve your life needs, allowing you to escape from tedious chores, making time more efficient, life smarter, and better quality of life for your family. (11) Smart capture, record every moment of the child. (12) Multi-language translation.
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