What kind of paint is used on the glass sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-22
Fiberglass sculpture is not only expressed in form, but also in spirit. Modern sculpture not only pays attention to form expression, but also emphasizes surface effect. Painting FRP sculptures has become the last step in the process of FRP sculptures. At present, most of the acrylic paints are used as the soul of this step. So what kind of paint is used on FRP sculptures, and what other paints can be used on FRP sculptures? The following is a detailed introduction: What kind of paint is used on the glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture    1. Generally, acrylic paint is used for glass fiber reinforced plastic sculptures because acrylic has good adsorption and is cheap.  2. The coloring method is to adjust the color and blow the glaze pot evenly on the surface, and then apply a layer of color after the color dries a little bit.  3. Repeat this several times, and the bottom color of the sculpture will appear gradation. Finally, use a little bit of highlighting, bright colors to brighten some parts of the sculpture, it will make the work more real. Others can be used in glass fiber reinforced plastic sculpture paint 1. Imitation metal paint: this kind of surface effect is relatively simple, generally it is to paint the metal color by hand after making the background color. For example, the glass fiber reinforced plastic imitation bronze figure sculpture is the surface after the base color paint is finished. Make the copper color rhythmically.  2. Color-painting category: This category requires more professional skills, a relatively deep art foundation, regular hook lines, clear colors, clever ideas, and distinctive personality. The outstanding works have different expressions.  3. Baking paint: Some urban sculptures, mall beauty sculptures, glass steel landscape walls, glass steel stools, etc., are mainly of single color or less variety of colors, and magnetic car paint is usually used.
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