What kind of material is good for baby crawling mat? Is the baby xpe foldable crawling mat good?

by:Ennas      2022-01-21
When can I buy a baby's crawling mat? In fact, it can be bought when the baby is not born, so that the pregnant mother can also be used as a yoga mat during pregnancy. After the baby is born, it can be used as a crawling mat to practice prone, head-up, crawling, walking and running and other big movements to lay a good foundation . At the same time, the crawling mat can protect the baby's head and limbs when learning to sit and walk, and has a good shock absorption and anti-fall effect. Beiyi baby xpe foldable crawling mat is skin-friendly and breathable, and it is not sticky to perspiration in summer. After several years of ingenuity research and development, the baby xpe foldable crawling mat has grown healthily and is guarded by the baby. Moreover, the front side is carefully selected sweat-absorbing peach velvet surface, which is dry, breathable and non-sticky. It has a velvety high-level skin-friendly feel. It abandons the heavy and sultry traditional velvet cloth. The hands and feet are non-sticky and have a matte design. summer. On the other hand, the PE film on the reverse side of Beiyi's xpe foldable crawling mat, 30 times the XPE foam liner, is dirt-resistant and wear-resistant and easy to clean. The designer selects the popular color of the year with childish graffiti patterns, and it is a blockbuster with a single shot. In addition, Beiyi baby xpe foldable crawling mat adopts 2 layers of PE matte laminated film + 2 layers of vegetable ink + XPE original inner liner u003d 5 layers of thickened inner core, loving each baby with heart, within 30 times of XPE foaming Under the guts, the high density is not afraid of falling, and the resilience is better. It cares for the baby's knees and isolates the warmth of the ground, bringing the baby a 360° comfortable play experience. And when not in use, it can be rolled up, easily stored, and then rolled out without creases or depressions.
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