What kind of gift to give to relatives and children in the New Year?

by:Ennas      2022-01-31
Time is coming to an end unconsciously, and the year is coming to an end. The cold air always reminds us of the preciousness of warmth. This year’s New Year has officially entered the countdown. Parents must be worrying about how to use a gift to keep their children in their purest childhood! Beckham specially prepared a puzzle and fun children's New Year gift list. The gifts that can surprise children these days are practical and fun toys that can be used for parent-child interaction and entertaining. Alice mini piano is exquisitely shaped, elegant and elegant classical piano, 37 black and white keys, imitating ivory texture, zero-based introductory teaching, high-fidelity sound effects, support U disk, mobile phone, tablet, notebook, plug in the microphone, play and sing to the music, and listen Art imagination, a must for babies who like music. The colorful color matching of the Pac-Pac game board enhances the baby's color recognition, smooth and round, exercises the baby's finger dexterity, cute lantern fish, eat Pac-Pac under operation, suitable for 2-4 people to play together. The fun fishing machine dynamic fish plate exercises hand-eye coordination, multi-color fish, attracts the baby's attention, parent-child interaction, practical teaching, teaches the baby in the most intuitive way, and makes the baby fall in love with the fun of hands-on. Multifunctional building blocks toys, electronic organs, storage boxes, study tables, and children’s dining tables are truly practical. One table can be worth 8 tables. It can solve multiple troubles of mothers at one time and realize that multiple people can play at the same time. Combine, stimulate the creativity of the baby, the height can be adjusted, both big and small treasures, to meet the needs of babies of different ages. One-click erasing drawing board is used repeatedly, handwriting is smooth, one-click erasing, convenient and fast, there are 4 cute shapes of Mickey Mouse, Buzz Lightyear, Snow treasure and Pooh bear, tap the talent of drawing, help the growth of cognition, every baby can Yes, a born master of painting, stay away from mobile phones and tablet games, and let babies dance the wings of imagination. Multi-function drum kit with cool lights, flashing and jumping, multiple button functions, rich cartoon patterns, lighting and accompaniment, especially fun, in addition to hands-on beats, it can also karaoke and play the piano. They dare to express themselves and enhance self-confidence, which has an irreplaceable effect. Soon before the coming of the new year, hurry up and choose the most suitable gift for the children at home, cultivate a sense of life ritual since childhood, and make future life happier~
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