What is the production process of cast bronze sculptures

by:Ennas      2022-02-17
Because the conditions of each copper casting are different, modern copper casting sculptures and copper casting techniques are also very different from the previous ones. Almost most copper casting crafts need to go through at least 6-8 complicated and rigorous processes. And these crafts have not only the traces of traditional handicrafts, but also the modern technology of precision casting. So what is the process of making bronze sculptures? What needs to be paid attention to? The following is a detailed introduction: What is the process of making a bronze sculpture   1. The sculpture design is first of all the overall conception of the sculpture, designing a drawing sample, and then casting the bronze sculpture according to the pattern. 2. Clay draft production According to the size of the design draft, the skeleton is built, the clay is shaped, and a rough model is made from the clay draft according to the pattern, which is convenient for finalization. The specific details and requirements can be detailed on the clay sculpture. This process requires Consider the degree of realization and the final overall effect.  3. There are three types of remanufactured molds: one is to rebuild the mold with plaster if it is not too complicated; the other is to rebuild the mold with silica gel if it is complex; the other is to rebuild the mold with FRP. The specific mold to be used can be determined according to the specific situation, because each mold process and cost are not used, and the most important thing is the cost.  4. After the casting paraffin wax mold is rebuilt, the melted paraffin wax is poured into the already made plaster mold or silicone mold, and the paraffin wax becomes a wax mold after it cools and solidifies. 5. Shell making There are two types of shell making:    (1) If it is small or complex, we should choose precision casting. The so-called precision production is to wrap the wax model made with fine quartz sand layer by layer, and then use it. The high temperature burns the paraffin wax inside the shell.   (2) The other is resin sand box production. Sand box production is generally suitable for simple, flat relief, large copper coins, the back of copper Buddha statues, and smooth surfaces without much craftsmanship.  6. u200bu200bCasting high temperature to pour copper into copper water into the finished shell or sand box.  7, polish the riser and polish.   8. Splicing puts the polished bronze sculptures together to form a complete whole. Matters needing attention in the process of making bronze sculptures 1. It is necessary to prevent the harmful chemicals produced by bronze sculptures from coming into direct contact with the human body, such as acid grease, chloride and other things produced in bronze sculptures. The human body causes a certain amount of damage, so when we move the sculpture, we must wear cotton gloves.  2. Don't use oily paper or boxes for packaging when transporting cast bronze sculptures. This may cause certain hazards to the sculptures.
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