What is the life and death of the gift industry?

by:Ennas      2022-02-10

All friends in the gift industry have discovered a common problem in recent years. The traditional marketing model can no longer go on. I don’t know how to go the new way. There are various kinds of O2O, B2B, B2C on the Internet.... A lot, but which one is suitable for your industry and for your company? The life and death barrier of the gift industry was revealed by Premier Li at the beginning of the year. It is the integration of Internet + traditional industries. The practitioners include some famous companies such as Tencent and Xiaomi, but they are all different from our traditional companies. Tencent relies on the huge empire's population base, so if you make a mistake, just give up; Xiaomi phones have accumulated for many years, and the accumulated fans are not a day or two; so their success has something to do with the Internet + traditional industries, but it has little to do with them. I have relied on the Internet since I was born. So, does tradition give up transformation? The transformation may cause the company to die, but the human mind survives. Without restructuring, the company will slowly be consumed, yes, time will be consumed! ! 1. Choose the right person in charge, you must understand the Internet. The transformation of traditional enterprises must be checked by a clear-headed person. If the person in charge of your company's transformation is not born in the 1980s, then you are doomed to fail in the first step. If the post-80s do not understand computers, then you are also very likely to fail! Don't say that Jack Ma doesn't understand computers, but created a huge Ali empire. You can't see how many people help him control it. 2. Clear purpose and understand the risks. If your industry has not succeeded in the transformation of its predecessors, then you must make risk estimates, and you must give different estimates for different time periods. It is absolutely not possible to go from beginning to end in a single plan! 3. The tenth person. Most foreign companies have a tenth person. As the name suggests, when a plan is voted on, the first nine people agree, but the tenth person must oppose and give reasons for opposition. . The tenth person can be an individual or a team. Their opinions are not necessarily right, but they must raise objections. To oppose this plan, they must make estimates and avoid risks. 4. Appease employees. The employees in the future are the foundation of the company. The transformation of traditional enterprises into pan-Internet companies does not mean that employees are no longer needed. In fact, many Internet companies are often the most humane, because in the 21st world, the most valuable thing is talents. Don't hurt the hearts of employees during the transformation. A company, a team, it will be difficult to carry it when the heart is loose. Occasionally send out more gifts and care about the employees' thoughts! 5. The goal is the future, who is the future? Internet+traditional companies are actually in the line of young people. To put it bluntly, they follow the main force of consumption. The best company in the world in this regard is not Apple, not Xiaomi, but Coca-Cola, because Coca-Cola is always positioned as a young person, always a low-level public, and young people in the future. They are active, creative, and bold. Dare to break, like new things. Young people change from generation to generation. The post-70s, post-80s and post-90s have different environments and their consumption patterns and ideas have changed. You need to know what products they like and how they like to play. Every ten years, you have to pay attention to the personnel composition of your company. If there is not enough fresh blood, the company will be eliminated... Now 90 has become the main force of most companies, and their consumption concept is no longer cheap. That’s good, more fancy quality, creative enough, is everyone playing, can have these conditions, for young people with credit cards, the price is second. In the past, just add a logo, now work hard on design and creativity! When everyone is using the Internet to see the foreign world, are you still designing with a foolish attitude? When the design you make is in line with the thinking of young people, can your promotion method make them pay attention. However, your gift has conquered all the young people of a certain company, and they will help you promote it if you love to share it. Therefore, good ideas + good promotion + good services are the ever-unfavorable compass for the transformation of the gift industry.
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