What is the glue for foam sculpture

by:Ennas      2022-02-22
Foam sculpture is a kind of composite material. It has the characteristics of low cost and high plasticity. It is one of the widely used creative materials. When we complete the sculpture production, we usually use glue guns for bonding, while the sticky foam requires professional Foam glue can stick it firmly. The following is a detailed introduction to what is used for foam sculpture and what are the characteristics of foam sculpture. What is the glue for foam sculpture    1. For foam sculpture, use glass glue, (stick glue) in a cylindrical shape, put it in a special glue gun to melt it, you can use it, and the temperature should not be too high.  2. The foam glue needs to be used for sticking foam. It is best to wear woven gloves or rubber gloves and use glue to avoid accidentally soiling your hands. If you don't care about skin contact, you can wash it with soap.   3. If you accidentally touch the eyes, you can immediately rinse with a lot of water. If you are serious, please seek medical advice in time. Be sure to prevent fireworks during construction. The characteristics of foam sculpture    1. The production of foam sculpture is inseparable from the polyurea protective coating. The polyurea coating is directly sprayed on the surface of the foam carving or production by using a polyurea spraying machine.  2. It has good reproducibility of the original shape, light weight, and convenient transportation. After being impacted by external force, it will not crack or delaminate.
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