What is the development prospect of DIY handicraft toys? What is the 'money' scene of handmade DIY toys?

by:Ennas      2022-01-23
Are you optimistic about handmade DIY toys? Nowadays, some families are very fond of this type. On the one hand, it can exercise the child's hand-eye coordination ability, but also exercise the child's imagination and thinking ability. At the same time, it can also cultivate parent-child relationship. Tmall platform toy category sales data show that the sales of DIY handicraft toys in May increased by 39.7% year-on-year. More and more toy brands are launching new DIY handicraft toys to expand product lines and cater to consumer needs. From the perspective of the development of DIY handicraft toys, there are three main trends worthy of attention: 1. Enhance practicability and create practical items in life through DIY. Toy brands focus on letting children through the development of DIY handicraft toys. Build and combine to create items that can be used in daily life. On the one hand, it allows children to connect play with their daily lives. On the other hand, they can show their creativity and enhance self-confidence in daily use. The Lego Group's latest Lego Dots summer colorful combination provides more combinations, including not only the previous bracelets and other accessories, but also more life including lion ornaments, photo frames with pendants, and cactus-shaped pen holders. Practical combination. Children can use the included light board to design on all components, or use refill bags to increase creativity. The extra fun of this set of summer craftsmanship is that it allows children to mix and match patterns on different components, and then show their creative designs or share these designs with friends. Ruisi has introduced 3D jigsaw puzzles such as shoes, pen holders and table lamps, so that children can put them on the table and become beautiful and practical daily necessities after they are assembled. The company recently launched a 3D puzzle product with the theme of space astronauts. Using Easyclick technology, all plastic pieces can be perfectly combined without the use of glue to form a stable ball. This toy also has a voice-activated light-emitting function. When the light base makes the ball glow from the inside, it will become a galaxy night light with a single tap. 2. Combine DIY gameplay with STEM to facilitate skill improvement and training. In the development of DIY handicraft toys, some toy companies focus on cultivating children’s creativity in an artistic way, while others focus more on DIY The combination of gameplay and STEM concepts allows children to improve their skills from different perspectives and also have fun from it. The littleBits series launched by Sphereo allows children to use plug-in building blocks and power circuit components to achieve different functions, so as to learn about electricity and engineering. littleBits At-Home Learning Starter Kit (littleBits At-Home Learning Starter Kit), through a wealth of accessories, instruction manuals and online courses, allows learners to learn courses that include basic concepts such as applied circuits, engineering, physics, art, and design thinking to help learn Develop critical STEM skills. Hebao’s newly launched VEX robot BLITZ lightning intelligent remote control construction kit provides a wealth of engineering construction solutions, which can be assembled in 7 models such as dinosaurs, robots, alligators, and racing cars. The attached Bluetooth components and driving devices allow players to pass A dedicated APP, which is controlled by a smart phone, and an electronic drawing is also provided in the APP for assembling instructions. 3. Incorporating the concept of sustainable development, the use of daily neighbourhoods or the use of environmentally friendly materials, the concept of sustainable development also affects the innovative development of DIY handicraft toys. Surveys have shown that when parents want to play DIY games with their children, a factor they are more interested in is the ability to reuse the items already in the home, such as empty bottles, paper rolls, etc. Therefore, DIY is related to the concept of sustainable development. Combination has also become one of the directions that toy brands consider when developing new products. Unlike traditional toys, Toyi’s toy products have a set of components and modules that can turn surrounding objects into toys, such as turning an egg carton into an airplane. The Toyi Basic 128 toy building set can turn a water bottle into a robot or a pine cone into a cute monster. It encourages children to use surrounding objects to create personalized animals, vehicles, buildings, etc., and improve their creativity in the game Thinking, STEM skills, fine motor and hand-eye coordination skills, while strengthening the cultivation of environmental awareness. Another example is PlayMais. Its products contain small, various colored parts, made of corn flour and food coloring. This is a non-toxic, 100% biodegradable material, which can be combined with water. Glue together, or on cardboard or glass. PlayMais can be squeezed, cut and rolled into any shape, ensuring unlimited imagination and educational fun. PlayMais 3D Pets contains 900 particles and three paper molds, allowing children to build 3D animals according to instructions, or use their imagination to create personalized creations. With the continuous development of DIY handicraft toys, toy brands have carried out product innovation and development by enhancing practicality, combining with STEM or incorporating the concept of sustainable development to help children enhance creativity, gain artistic skills and scientific knowledge, or enhance Environmental awareness to cater to the preferences or needs of target consumer groups. What do you think of these three development trends? Welcome to leave a message to share your insights.
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