What is the best choice for baby soothing toys? Baenshi touch screen mobile phone toys, children love it

by:Ennas      2022-01-29
Does it feel like babies will always snatch your toys? If you don't give them, they will just cry. If you give it, you are worried that mobile phone radiation and blue light will cause certain damage to your child's eyes! Bainshi's touch-screen appease mobile phone toy can solve the baby's problem of grabbing mobile phones, and give them a mobile phone of their own, which is entertaining and entertaining. Bainshi's touch screen mobile phone toy, a talking mobile phone, contains rich early education content, a good playmate that is entertaining and entertaining, and keeps the baby away from the radiation of the mobile phone and liberates the mother's mobile phone. Bainshi touch screen mobile phone toys are specially designed and developed for educational early education. It has 9 major functions, so that love is not only companionship, and a variety of functions come together to give children more ways to play. It can do analog dialing, exercise digital cognition, and teach the baby to remember the parent's phone number. No bright light, no blue light, more eye protection, no need to worry about children's eye damage when playing with mobile phones. There are more than a dozen high-quality sleep aid music pre-stored in the body, and the high-fidelity speakers can bring the baby a more comfortable and sweet sleep.
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