What is SAN shek wan pottery art? _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-09-01
Core tip: SAN shek wan pottery art, it is a flower of Chinese traditional art, its unique style, has always been popular with the society and cherish. 'Shiwan gongzai' is well-known at home and abroad. Base unearthed from han SAN shek wan pottery and porcelain art, it is a flower of Chinese traditional art, its unique style, has always been popular with the society and cherish. 'Shiwan gongzai' is well-known at home and abroad. The han unearthed in the base of paddy field with ship, visible SAN shek wan tao house, livestock and other ceramic art ceramic prototype. Is SAN shek wan art ceramic thriving period of Ming and qing dynasties. SAN shek wan is a great variety of art ceramics, divided into character, animal, vessels, micro plastic. The chahai characters, animals, lifelike, full of vivid; Micro plastic view, refined taste nature; Implements various and colorful. After the founding of new China, SAN shek wan pottery art is varied, the roaring, successively developed seven arts and crafts master of China, four master of China ceramic art, famous ceramist emerge. SAN shek wan pottery workers has always given prominence to collect all the essence of ancient jun, to simple, vivid, elegant and vigorous for its artistic features. Mountains male bonsai categories: male miniascape also known as plastic, ceramic, is a kind of traditional SAN shek wan original ceramic crafts, according to legend is in the guangxu period in qing dynasty by a man named liu SAN shek wan pioneered to artists. Character fairy class: the characters in the SAN shek wan pottery class is due to SAN shek wan pottery mud plasticity, after burning smoked in brown color, suitable for heaving strong brawn skeletal character and the old man coarse skin, deep and, therefore, in SAN shek wan character chahai, more men than women and children and the old man's image in the image. Animals and birds fish insect: early in the writing unearthed cultural relics are pigs, cattle, chickens, ducks, and shape. Previously engaged in art pottery making more people for disabled elderly, and women and children, not to actively participate in the daily ceramic work, can only use mud with glaze, using gap edge of the kilns by burning, so a bit ZiYuXing. Melon implements categories: some production of fruits and vegetables at the beginning of the qing dynasty. These ceramics are better than one, was born in rural areas, women and children, and the former model, pick a melon can be reproduced for mould making, or on the basis of the mould slightly modified, ornament made of all kinds of art supplies or furnishing articles. Building WaJi class: WaJi is also called the 'flower ridge', it is decorated in the roof above all kinds of people, animals and birds, and worms, flowers, pavilions chahai. Flowers ridge into ridge ( Main hall roof) And the ridge ( After the gallery roof ridge) Both, composed of several small sculpture joint, tend to be a performance of a theme, a story, or a main character. Flowers ridge on the glaze color with dark and sedate blue, green, brown yellow, because flowers ridge is set in awning, applying such glaze can avoid the disadvantage of harsh glare. Still retained the foshan igawa front courtyard of the characters look really ridge 'Kowloon valley', small sculpture is Kowloon valley Yang warrior war scenes.
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