what is resin figurines

by:Ennas      2023-07-07

What are resin figurines?

Resin figures are a type of collectible figure, commonly found in many households, offices and recreational areas. These figures are made of a polymer substance known as resin that is used for casting. The resin is a hard, durable material that can be molded into A variety of shapes and sizes, allowing manufacturers to create detailed, lifelike replicas of popular characters, objects, and animals.

The use of resin as a medium for figures dates back to ancient times, where artisans used different materials to create figures for various purposes. Resin figures have been around for almost a century, with the first figures created in the early 20th century .

What is resin?

Resin is a synthetic polymer that is manufactured by combining two components, a resin solution and a hardening agent. There are various types of resins used in the manufacturing process, but the most common are epoxy, polyester, and polyurethane.

Epoxy resin has a high resistance to impact, making it popular for use in the automotive, aviation, and marine industries. Polyester resin is used in casting and fiberglass reinforcement. Polyurethane resin is commonly found in household applications like furniture and flooring.

The use of resin for creating figures is popular for its ability to capture intricate details and create a lifelike representation of the subject.

How are resin figurines made?

Resin figures are typically created through a casting process. The mold is first created by pouring a liquid resin mixture into a flexible mold. Once the mold has hardened, it is removed, leaving behind a rough cast of the figure.

The cast is then cleaned and polished to remove any imperfections, and finally painted to give it the desired finish. Depending on the level of detail and the size of the figure, the process can take anywhere from hours to days.

Categories of resin figures

Resin figures are widely popular due to their versatility and capacity to be customized according to the preferences of the buyer. These figures are categorized based on several factors like size, theme, manufacturer, and collector types.

Decorative figures

Decorative figurines are figurines that are mostly used for aesthetic purposes. They are commonly used to add a touch of character to living spaces, offices, gardens, and recreational centers. This category may include animal figurines, cartoon characters, and other misc ellaneous figures.

Collectible Figurines

Collectible figures are usually produced in limited batches to attract collectors or investors. These figures are generally designed by reputable brands or artists and are often part of a limited collection. The figures in this category can range from movie characters to h istorical figures and can be a great investment opportunity.

Fantasy figures

Fantasy figures are popular among the gaming community or anyone who enjoys mythical stories. These figures depict creatures like unicorns, Dragons, and fairies, among others. They are highly detailed, colorful, and creatively designed to capture the imag ination.

Action figures

Action Figures are a favorite among children and adults. This category predominantly features comic book and movie characters. The figures are poseable and are equipped with various accessories like weapons, helmets, or shields.

Customized figures

Customized figures are tailored to meet the preferences of the buyer. These figures can either be made from scratch or customized from existing molds. They are popular gifts for friends, family, and loved ones and can range in size, color, and design.


Resin figurines have been around for years and continue to be an essential part of home decor and collector items. They are versatile, durable, and can be used to showcase a wide range of themes. Whether you're a collector, gamer, or lover Of aesthetics, resin figures offer a unique collection that can add playfulness and character to any space.

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