What is plasticizer? Beijing company fined for superb plasticizer in children's bath toys

by:Ennas      2022-01-15
No matter what product it is, it must meet the corresponding national standards. Once the product content exceeds the standard, there is a great possibility that it will affect the health of the user. Especially in the infant and child industry, such problems are strictly forbidden to occur and occur. Recently, the BB sold by Xizhimen Branch of Beijing Hualian Supermarket Co., Ltd. called children's bath toys was found by the market supervision department to exceed the standard of plasticizer and was fined! The toy products sold by the Xizhimen Branch of Beijing Hualian Supermarket Co., Ltd. were found to be unqualified for plasticizers during random inspections by the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau. It is understood that if the content of phthalate plasticizers in soft plastic toys exceeds the limit, children's long-term exposure may enter the body through the skin, esophagus and respiratory tract, causing damage to the reproductive system and endangering the health and safety of children. On March 10, 2021, the Xicheng District Market Supervision Bureau initiated an investigation. Upon investigation, the parties concerned signed an on-site cooperative operation contract with Beijing Hualian Supermarket Co., Ltd. According to the contract, Beijing Hualian Supermarket Co., Ltd. provides the parties with a cooperative business site (in the store) and related facilities for the parties to sell sports and toy products. On April 25, 2018, the parties involved purchased the nominal Pujiang County Huiduobao Toy Factory production from Yiwu at a price of 6.5 yuan per piece, the trademark is kaqu kaqu (graphic), and the BB with the item number KQ-JY-0093 is called bathing. There are 96 toys (product name). The parties involved used the above-mentioned products for sale in the Xizhimen Branch of Beijing Hualian Supermarket Co., Ltd. on April 25, 2018, with a price tag of 25 yuan/piece. A total of 95 of the above-mentioned products were sold, with a total sales of 2,375 yuan and illegal gains of 1,261.06 yuan. On April 8, 2021, the Beijing Xicheng District Market Supervision Bureau imposed an administrative penalty of 6061.06 yuan for the illegal production and sales of unqualified BB bath toys by Beijing Huieryu Trading Co., Ltd. according to law.
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