What is 3 d printing in the resin handicraft? What is the purpose?

by:Ennas      2020-06-05
3 d printer is more, the market at present some resin process production must also use 3 d printing technology, so what is the 3 d printer? What is the purpose? Handicraft presumably you don't have to introduce to you again carefully, we should be able to see the various types of life around resin crafts, not only industry is often seen in family life, and in the office, kitchen utensils, hotel also has the existence of the resin handicraft, often can see the decoration or gift industry. Then the 3 d printing in the resin process industry what's the use? 3 d printing is usually adopt digital printer. Often in mould manufacturing, industrial design, and other fields has been used in the manufacture of the model, gradually for direct manufacturing of some products, after have to use the technology of printing components. And the 3 d printing is often in the resin handicraft to print the sample model, and the use of mould in general are more advanced. Say when in the production of resin products, will first to introduce product appearance, is convenient for the production of the products. Shenzhen golden fortune creation of handicraft production products variety, variety complete, quality assured, after 20 years of research, shenzhen golden fortune creation to become a standard of the industry, both in product performance and quality, in the production of some products, with unique technology, if want to customize production, welcome everybody to come to consult.
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