What impresses merchants in the gift industry under the promotion melee?

by:Ennas      2022-02-08

The traditional price war in the gift industry has long been accustomed to consumers, and people's consumption behavior is becoming more and more rational. In this new normal, what can businesses do to impress consumers?   Nowadays, in the face of traditional discount promotion methods, consumers who have long been aesthetically tired have become more and more rational, and the history of impulsive consumption has basically come to an end.  How to adapt to the new normal and attract consumers? The marketing methods of merchants are also constantly updated. From holiday economy to daily consumption, from online discounts to offline promotions, and from large supermarkets to online micro-shops, the promotion methods are targeted at more and more precise people, and the division of the market is becoming more and more refined. After the Spring Festival, the reporter visited and found that through this segmented and precise promotion method, both consumers and businesses have tasted the sweetness.  In recent years, the holiday economy has continued to flourish. With the promotion of the economy, festivals are no longer simply festivals, and businesses are becoming more and more interested in the benefits that follow. Compared with the absence of any events in previous years, on this year’s March 8th, “Women’s Day”, the provincial and urban businesses have adopted a variety of promotional methods to stir up the market, playing women’s cards, and aiming at her economy. Large supermarkets in provinces and cities have launched ladies in succession. Goods sale fairs, jewelry festivals, and some first-line brands that rarely have discounts are also participating in discount activities. Even food, kitchenware, small appliances and other commodities also set up special sales. Many small shops facing the street also carry out promotions for festivals. There are many kinds of activities and promotion methods, including limited-time promotions, special discounts, gifts, etc. Major e-commerce companies are not to be outdone, competing for the female consumer market, Taobao, Jingdong Mall and other websites, many sellers have prepared spike activities for the festival. As low as 3.8% off, and there is also a 38 yuan free shipping event.    The spending power on holidays should not be underestimated. The holiday products are mainly used to promote the hot sales of other commodities. Whether it is a supermarket or a shopping mall, you can get a slice of this holiday.' A salesperson of a certain brand of apparel in Xintiandi North America told reporters that on holidays, sales doubled than usual. Similar to 'her economyValentine’s Day, Children’s Day, and the Elderly’s Day, from traditional Chinese festivals to various foreign festivals, have a lot of time in the year that can be related to the festival economy. When there are festivals, 'set the stage, there will be economy'. Almost all businesses do Can make money from the festival economy.   Using festivals and holidays people to concentrate on shopping and consumption to drive supply, market, and economic development has become a systematic economic model.' said Hou Xiaobin, the Provincial Academy of Social Sciences. Statistics show that the business turnover on weekends is 1 to 3 times that of usual, and the business on important holidays such as Spring Festival, May Day, and Eleventh is booming, and social retail sales have increased significantly.
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