What equipment do you need to make stainless steel sculptures

by:Ennas      2022-02-17
In our lives, there are many common sculpture crafts. Among them, stainless steel is more common. Because stainless steel has good corrosion resistance and plasticity, it can be divided into many shapes when making sculptures. Then stainless steel sculptures are required. What equipment and what should I pay attention to? The following is a detailed introduction: What equipment is needed to make stainless steel sculptures    1. Sculpture knife: It is a clay sculpture tool for scraping, cutting, pasting, picking, pressing, plastering and modeling. 2. Stone carving chisel: It is a steel rod-shaped stone carving tool, the lower end is wedge-shaped or tapered, and the end has a cutting edge. Hit the upper end with a hammer to force the lower end of the cutting edge. According to the shape of the cutting edge, it can be divided into sharp, flat and semicircular chisels. The chisel is the basic tool for stone carving.  3. Stone carving hammer: It is a striking tool, used to strike stone chisel or wood carving knife to carve stone and wood. There are three sizes: large, medium and small. The flower hammer is also a stone carving hammer, directly hitting the stone with the hammer face, creating a rough, thick, integrated sculpture. 4. Wood carving knives: generally composed of a knife head, a knife handle and an iron hoop. According to the shape of the cutting edge, there are 4 types of knives: flat, oblique, triangular and round. According to the shape of the neck, there are two types: curved neck and straight neck, each type There are also 3 large, medium and small sizes.   5. Bow handle: calipers for sculpture. The distance can be measured, there are two ivory-shaped feet that can be opened and closed, and the curvature of the feet can be changed at any time.  6. u200bu200bProportional bow handle: It is a measuring tool for enlarging sculptures.  7. Pointer: It is a three-coordinate locator, used to replicate stone and wood carvings. Find 3 datum points on the plaster statue, use the positioning steel pin on the point profiler to align and fix them, use the slidable parts on the point profiler and universal joints and pointers to align any space position on the statue. Lock the movable parts. What do you need to pay attention to when making stainless steel sculptures    1. The motor power determines the size of the polishing wheel, and the shaft of the motor must be matched with the polishing wheel.  2. To obtain the best performance, a suitable polishing wax must be selected. Use different colors to mark different types of polishing wax to avoid confusion. High content of abrasives can speed up the entire polishing process. In this process, the polishing wax and the surface of the polishing wheel move to make the material smooth.
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