What enlightenment does the 'Xiaomi' model bring to the gift industry?

by:Ennas      2022-02-08

At this stage, gift companies have already tasted the consequences of price wars. Consumers have doubts about product quality. Excessive price wars will cause the entire market to fall into chaos, and the real way to survive lies in brand building. As the saying goes. It is said that under the big tree it is good to enjoy the cool, and increase the intensity of brand building to help the marketing of gift companies. The enlightenment of the successful model of   Xiaomi’s brand building When the Internet model of Xiaomi mobile phones became popular, many people felt like they had grasped the help. Like a straw, I thought I could take advantage of the Internet model to soar into the sky. Reality is often much crueler than ideals. Many business leaders find it more and more difficult to build their own brands. Advertising costs are increasing, but revenue is difficult to grow.   When Xiaomi’s Internet model became popular for a while, some people began to calm down and think. What is the Internet model, and what is the essence of the brand in the Internet era?    Regarding these questions, everyone has different understandings and has their own answers. Some professionals believe that no matter what the Internet model is, and regardless of the quality of the brand, the nature of business has not changed. That is, business is essentially the process and result of businesses using their products and services to transact with consumers. . In this process, consumers buy a value, whether it is virtual spiritual value or actual use value. The brand building of a company needs to pay attention to word-of-mouth promotion. As a consumer, you have purchased a product online, but the product or the service of the merchant makes you feel extremely bad. You may give him a bad evaluation of the product, or even friends on WeChat. Tucao on the circle or Weibo, the result is that your evaluation of the product will affect the purchase decision of other people, and your colleagues, friends, and surrounding circles may immediately know that a certain merchant’s product is not good.   Therefore, if the gift company does not do well, it will affect the decision-making of direct purchasers. Similarly, if it does well, it will also form a reputation among consumers. Relevant experts said that this is both a challenge and an opportunity. It can promote the development of brands, products and services in a positive direction.  As consumers' brand awareness continues to increase and market competition continues to be fierce, it is necessary to accelerate the pace of brand building to promote the development of the industry.
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