What are the types of sculpture art works

by:Ennas      2022-02-22
Sculpture works of art are very exquisite, especially those carved by skilled masters are of great ornamental value. If you want to buy them, the price is also very high, and the types of sculpture works are very rich and suitable for display. In many places, what types of sculpture art works are there? Let’s talk about: What types of sculpture art works are there? 1. Bronze sculpture:    Most of the most influential sculptures in China and the West are made of bronze, such as Rodin’s 'The ThinkerIt is suitable for sculpture. This is also an effect that jade carving, wood carving, and stone carving cannot achieve. Jade carving can generally only make small works due to the limitation of materials. Wood carving has no precedent for large outdoor sculptures due to the limitations of craftsmanship.  2, stone carving:    stone carving generally uses marble, granite stone, Hui'an stone, Qingtian stone, Shoushan stone, precious jade stone, etc. as materials. Huagang stone and marble are suitable for carving large statues; Qingtian stone and Shoushan stone are rich in colors and are more suitable for small stone carvings. There are many ways to make stone sculptures.  3. Tooth carving:    Tooth carving generally uses ivory as the raw material for carving. Ivory is different from ordinary teeth. Its surface is not covered by enamel. It is very afraid of acid. Strong acid can corrode it, and weak acid can also soften it. If the ivory is soaked in acetic acid, it can be softened, and then it is often done twice with half the effort by using a knife or other tools to spin it for engraving. 4. Bone carving:    bone carving, the art of carving with bones as a carrier. Bone carving has a long history. The bone carving human head unearthed in Hejiawan, Xixiang County, Shaanxi Province in 1982 is about 6000 years old. It is currently discovered in my country. The earliest bone carving works in the epoch, it provides precious objects for the study of bone carving art in our country. The basic form of sculpture art    1. Round sculpture: refers to a three-dimensional sculpture that is not attached to any background and can be appreciated from all angles.  2. Relief: It is the product of the combination of sculpture and painting. It uses compression to deal with objects.   3. Open carving: also known as hollow carving, it is a kind of sculpture between round carving and relief carving.
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