What are the toys that may cause precocious puberty, damage the liver and kidney and even cause cancer in children?

by:Ennas      2021-12-18

Recently, the content of phthalates in toys produced by a toy factory in Shandong generally exceeded the standard. It is understood that phthalates are harmful plasticizers. If the content exceeds the standard, it may cause precocious puberty in children, damage the liver and kidneys, and even cause cancer. A few days ago, the reporter visited the Meicheng Children's Toy Market and consulted the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau for relevant information. Parents: I don’t know how to buy safe toys.    The reporter interviewed 20 parents and found that only 30% of parents said that they should not buy toys that smell or are too shiny, and pay attention to the age range of toys. Other parents, especially the parents of grandparents, said that they are more casual when buying toys and do not know how to buy safe children's toys.   Recently, the reporter saw in the square of Jiangbei Cultural Park in Meicheng that many parents brought their children to buy toys at the stalls. 'Children grow up quickly, and toys are too expensive to buy and waste money.' Ms. Chen, who was buying toys, complained to reporters that her son's toys would be 'outsided' after playing for a few days. Therefore, she would choose cheap toys to satisfy the child. Temporary wish. 'Are you worried that inferior toys will affect your children's health?' Most parents think, 'It shouldn't have much impact.'    Market: Some of the toys on sale are not standardized. If you don’t read the instructions carefully, if your child likes it, you can buy it home for your child to play with. In this regard, the relevant technical personnel of the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau reminded that parents should choose toys according to the applicable age range and read the instructions carefully. Pay special attention to warning signs or instructions, because manufacturers will use warning words to remind toys of the hidden dangers. For example, 'After opening the package, please dispose of the packaging plastic bag immediatelyAt the same time, you must not be greedy for cheap toys when buying toys. It is best to go to a regular shopping mall to see if there are trademarks, brands, safety signs, manufacturer's communication address, etc. (imported toys should also have Chinese toy instructions). For baby carriages, electric toys, projectile toys, doll toys, plastic toys, metal toys, etc., products with the 'ccc' mark should also be selected. Try not to choose toys with strong fragrance or peculiar smell. After playing with toys, children must be urged to wash their hands to avoid harmful chemicals such as formaldehyde.   The reporter visited and found that the children's toys sold in some stores did not have a factory name, a factory address, or even an outer packaging. At the same time, the reporter learned from the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau that in recent years, law enforcement officers of the city’s quality supervision system have focused on inspections of large shopping malls, toy wholesale stores and toy stores around campuses, mainly inspecting children’s vehicles, electric toys, and plastic toys. , Metal toys, projectile toys, doll toys and other 6 types of compulsory certification products, check whether they have obtained the 'ccc' compulsory certification certificate, whether the labeling of children's toy products is standardized, whether the standard is consistent, whether the warning signs are marked as required, Warning instructions and other illegal acts. The inspection found that there are still some toys sold in small shops that have no 3c certification marks and irregular markings. Law enforcement officers on the spot ordered the operators to remove the problematic toys from the shelves. The quality supervision department will strengthen the supervision of the quality of children's toys in accordance with relevant national laws and regulations, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of children.
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