What are the toy wholesale markets in 2021? The national toy wholesale markets are here

by:Ennas      2022-02-03
In the new year, you must be full of enthusiasm! After the start of the new year, some toy agents will have a headache. Where is the best place to sell toys? Maybe you don't have a clear idea yet. If this is the case, then hurry up and watch it! Shanghai Chenghuang Temple Fuyoumen Toy Market Shanghai Chenghuang Temple Fuyoumen Toy Market has a construction area of u200bu200babout 30,000 square meters and a business area of u200bu200babout 15,000 square meters. It is the largest toy wholesale market in Shanghai. Central air-conditioning and IDD users are installed. Telephones, escalators, passenger and cargo helicopters, fire monitoring and alarm systems, property security monitoring systems, etc. Yangzhou Wutinglong International Toy City At present, Yangzhou Wutinglong Toy City is divided into 4 buildings, Congcuilu, Zhuoranlu, Ningluo Pavilion, and Boutique Pavilion, among which the first three pavilions are individual retail households, and the prices are relatively low. It is necessary to have large-scale manufacturers to rent, and the price of the products is relatively high. If you are an individual, you should go to the first three halls, which are more affordable. Xi’an China Toys and Amusement Equipment Wholesale Market Xi’an China Toys and Amusement Equipment Wholesale Market covers an area of u200bu200b80 acres and is divided into four areas: famous toy wholesale area, amusement equipment wholesale area, arts and crafts wholesale area, and sports fitness equipment wholesale area. The market layout is all-round closed, with three gates in the east, south and north, fully enclosed trading hall, large exhibition halls along the street, Jinan Zhongheng Shopping Mall Toy Wholesale Market Jinan Zhongheng Shopping Mall Toy Wholesale Market mainly wholesales exquisite craft gifts and high-end electronic toys . You can take a long-distance bus directly to Zhongheng Shopping Mall (long-distance bus terminal). Take the train and get off at Jinan Station and walk 1000 meters north. Shenyang Yifeng Plaza, Yifeng Toy City, Hunnan New District, Shenyang is invested and constructed by Shanghai Yifeng Enterprise Group with a total investment of 2.2 billion yuan, covering an area of u200bu200b160,000 square meters and a building area of u200bu200b600,000 square meters. Shenyang Yifeng Plaza includes Shenyang Yifeng Digital Plaza and Shenyang Yifeng Toy City. Hebei Baigou Toy Market Hebei Baigou Small Commodity Wholesale Market is located in the prosperous business district of Baigou. It is adjacent to the Clothing City, Hardware and Leather City to the east, and to the luggage trading city and cultural square to the north. The Jinbao Expressway, Jinbao Highway, Jintong Highway, and Kaohsiung Highway are all around, and the traffic is extremely convenient. The development and growth of the Commodity City has attracted merchants from all over to Baigou to invest and do business. Shenzhen Fumin Stationery and Toys Wholesale Market Shenzhen Fumin Stationery and Toys Wholesale Market is located at the intersection of Fuqiang Road and Fumin Road in the central city of Shenzhen, next to Fumin Station, the first phase of Shenzhen Metro, and south of the new city government, next to Huanggang Port , Covering an area of u200bu200b30,000 square meters, has been grandly opened on July 24. Since the opening of Jiuzhou City Stationery and Toy Wholesale Market in Shenzhen Jiuzhou City Stationery and Toy Wholesale Market, hundreds of well-known domestic and foreign stationery, toys, and craft boutique brands have successively entered, including the top ten Chinese stationery brands Shude, Jin Wannian, Deli, and domestic Well-known stationery brands such as Huajie, Youbang, Qixin, Tianzhang, Xie Li, Yi and Gao. Guangzhou Yiyuan Toys Boutique Wholesale Center was originally located in Yiyuan, Haizhu Square, Guangzhou. It was the Guangzhou Southern Exhibition and Trade Development Company in 1987, in response to the call of the municipal government to return the road to Yumin, to occupy the area of u200bu200bYide Road. The self-employed people in Yiyuan have been introduced into Yiyuan, realizing room management. Guangzhou Jialesi Toys City Jialesi Toys Wholesale Market is located at Yide Road, a famous toy distribution center in Guangzhou. Yide Road is a relatively mature toy market. Among them, Yide Road Toy Commercial Center and Yide West Road The China-Hong Kong Toys Boutique Wholesale Center, etc., constitute a huge toy distribution center with a complete range of toys.
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