What are the tools commonly used stone _ figurine skills

by:Ennas      2021-08-26
Core clew: what are the commonly used stone tools, stone carving, refers to in a variety of carving, carved stones, and create a certain space is visible and touchable art image, so as to reflect the social life, to express what are commonly used stone tools, stone carving, with all kinds of stone carving, carved, create a certain space is visible and touchable art image, so as to reflect the social life, to express the artist's aesthetic feeling and the art of aesthetic emotion and aesthetic ideal. So what are the tools commonly used stone? Stone chisel which is also called 'chisel'. One of the stone tools. An iron bar, the bottom for wedge or vertebral shape, end with a chisel edge. Dedicated to sharpening. When used with hammer knock the upper and lower blade force to carving stone. Can be divided into the form of the blade is sharp chisel, flat chisel, gouge and tooth chisel. Sharp chisel of forest cut, there is medium size. Can open medium respectively. Pacific chisel to plane, small chisel to lighting do in detail. Gouge thick blade can be used to drive in a hard stone materials, thin bladed carved YiWen and detail. Tooth chisel to arrange blank into a large. According to the material can be divided into ordinary quenching chisel and carbide chisel. The former adopts 45, 60, T7 has steel and spring steel, the train according to the types of stone carving, Granite or marble) Applause, blade quenching depth and hardness, so the adaptation scope is wide, the disadvantage is that quenching is difficult, easy to wear and tear. The latter chisel body material hardening chisel, the same end use tungsten copper weld splice chrome segment, generally with different shapes of YG8 cutter splice grinding and become, qualitative hard, sharp, not easy to wear and tear, but the bending strength is low, don't impact resistance, and therefore should not be carving granite. Land clearing large chisel is slightly lower hardness and bending strength of higher YG15 material made of the cutting tools. One of the stone hammer stone tools. Dedicated to tap on a chisel, carving stone ( Can also be used for wood carving) 。 On both ends of the hammer head size differ slightly, hardwood to about 20 cm long, placing position generally off center, a bit far in the end, to adapt to the chisel with the quality of different thicknesses. Usually points medium three size, large weighs 1400 grams left and right sides, as the stone forest hammer; Number of 800 grams, can also be used for wood forest; Small 600, carving detail, hammer body camber into slightly curved, under the hammer for a little charge points about 10 degrees, with 45 # steel forging, surface hardening.
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