What are the production processes of mirror stainless steel sculptures

by:Ennas      2022-02-21
Mirror stainless steel sculpture has been liked by more and more people. It is also a kind of stainless steel sculpture. Many people are interested in the production process of its mirror surface. The process of mirror stainless steel sculpture is generally: stainless steel sculpture digital modeling → engineering And the prefabricated stainless steel plate → the welding of the skeleton of the stainless steel sculpture → the welding of the skeleton of the stainless steel sculpture → the polishing of the stainless steel sculpture → the transportation and installation of these processes, and I will give you a detailed introduction below. The production process of the mirror stainless steel sculpture 1. The number of stainless steel sculptures The commonly used digital model applications for modeling are Zbrush, 3DMax, Rhino C4D and other three-dimensional design software. 2. Engineering and prefabricated stainless steel plates are the basis for high-quality Kexiu steel to produce exquisite works. We use marine-grade stainless steel plates 316, which are excellent The corrosion resistance and high strength of stainless steel. Ensure that the stainless steel sculpture will never corrode outdoors, even in the warm and high humidity environment. Compared with stainless steel 201 and 304, stainless steel 316 has better manufacturing quality. Sculpture. The thickness of the armature and base is 16 mm, and the structure is very strong. It can even allow several adults to climb up the sculpture. Cut and dome the stainless steel plate according to the design. We use a high-precision water jet or plasma cutting machine to cut the stainless steel plate into The shape we want. 3. All joints of the welding of the stainless steel sculpture's skeleton have been fully welded, in order to minimize the use of TIG and MIG for blanching. The welded strip is exactly the same as the stainless steel plate. Otherwise, the finished product will be different. Perfection. 4. The production of stainless steel sculpture is a key step in the entire manufacturing process. Only experienced manufacturers are assigned to the fine stage. The sculpture will be formed as its design. All welded joints and seams are inspected. We carefully inspect The angle of the sculpture to ensure that it is correct. In theory, as long as the welded sculpture skeleton is correct, it should be correct. However, careful measurement during the manufacturing process is important. This can ensure the production of stainless steel sculptures. We lifted the sculpture to check its overall appearance. It looks very good. 5. Polishing and polishing of stainless steel sculpture is a dirty job, involving many steps, and the polishing craftsman has superb polishing techniques. These are commonly used polishing Material: polishing cotton wheel, non-woven fabric. The hard polishing wheel of the polishing paste is used for the stage, and then it is trimmed with a softer cotton wheel, and different colors are also used for different stages. 6, transportation and installation of stainless steel sculpture installation is the whole project In the latter part of the process, generally large stainless steel sculptures will have a base.If it is a relatively small stainless steel sculpture, it must be embedded and then buried in the ground.
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