What are the gifts for Chinese New Year? Health Cloud Mobile Phone for the Elderly

by:Ennas      2022-02-15

At the end of the year again, while enjoying the joy of coming home to reunite, many people are also worried about what gifts to give to their elders during the New Year. Giving health care products has once become a choice for many people to give gifts during the New Year, but in fact, these gifts may be decent for gift givers, but they cannot bring real benefits to the elderly—those fashionable health care products are often not What the elderly really need. As the society pays more attention to the health and safety of the elderly and the functions of elderly mobile phones are becoming more and more perfect, the health and safety monitoring function has become a new choice for more and more people to give gifts during the New Year, and professional elderly mobile phones are becoming more and more popular. Now ordinary mobile phones for the elderly can mostly meet the conventional needs of the elderly such as big buttons, large fonts, and loud volume. However, when it comes to the field of remote health and safety monitoring, many elderly mobile phones are mostly blank. Shenzhen Laishang Technology Co., Ltd. has been there for many years. Focusing on the elderly health industry, it has also formed its unique cognition and technical advantages in the health and safety monitoring of the elderly. In the field of elderly mobile phones, Laishang Technology has also launched its own unique Fumanduo Health Cloud mobile phone for the elderly in recent years The biggest feature of this mobile phone is that it has functions such as remote health cloud monitoring, remote positioning, and remote settings. Nowadays, there are more and more cases in which elderly people lose their lives accidentally or have accidents due to unsupervised people around them and cannot be informed in time. The remote positioning function of the Health Cloud mobile phone makes these problems easy to solve. The Fumanduo Health Cloud mobile phone has a built-in GPS+LBS dual positioning function. Location, and family members log on to the health e-clan cloud platform or send text messages to the elderly’s mobile phones to easily understand the specific location of the elderly, and the cloud platform has detailed records of where the elderly have been in a day.    One-click SOS emergency function of Fumando mobile phones It also allows the elderly to send distress signals to family members or friends in time when they need help. At critical moments, the elderly only need to press the SOS button on the back of the mobile phone, and the Fumanduo mobile phone will automatically dial the distress call to the preset number, and at the same time Send a text message containing your location information. In addition, Fumanduo Health Cloud mobile phone also has a listening position recognition function, that is, when the location of the elderly has been determined through remote positioning, but the terrain of the location of the elderly is complicated and difficult to find, you can send SGSOS' to The call for help sound effect is activated on the mobile phone of the elderly, so that the elderly can be found more quickly according to the direction of the sound effect. For the elderly with high blood pressure and high blood sugar, Fumanduo mobile phones are even more rare and intimate guards. Fumanduo Health Cloud mobile phone can automatically upload the data results measured by the cloud blood pressure meter and cloud blood glucose meter to the health e-clan cloud platform for permanent storage, and display it in an intuitive way of trending graphic descriptions. Children and doctors can log on to the cloud platform to check the blood pressure and blood sugar changes of the elderly at any time, and make corresponding treatment plans by referring to the usual measurement data. When the measurement result is abnormal, Fumanduo mobile phone will also send an early warning message to the guardian, adding a safety protection for the health of the elderly. (Note: Cloud blood pressure meter and cloud blood glucose meter need to be purchased separately)    In addition, the one-key dialing, one-key call for help, one-key lock screen, one-key MP3, one-key flashlight and other functions of Fumanduo mobile phone will also make the elderly Life is more relaxed and comfortable. Despite having such rich and complete functions, Fumanduo mobile phones are not troublesome to use at all, and even easier and faster than most mobile phones. For example, some daily operations that most elderly people find troublesome, such as storing phone numbers and setting alarms Bell, one-key dialing, etc., children can remotely operate on the computer, and the elderly only need to be able to make and receive calls.  , a mobile phone like this made my eyes bright when I was often unable to be with my parents, and I felt that my worries disappeared a lot. Imagine if every parent has such a mobile phone by his side, then as a child, there will be no need to worry about accidents when no one answers the phone, and there is no need to feel that parents don’t keep the phone and look for someone for help. Sorry. Even if you are thousands of miles away, you can often learn about the state of the elderly, so that the distance between your children and their families will be much closer. Those elderly people with high blood pressure and hyperglycemia can also be better able to prevent and treat diseases. How much change will this bring to the lives of every family? It’s no wonder that such elderly mobile phones have received so many people’s mobile phones. Favored. If you think about it carefully, there is nothing to give the elderly health, safety, and convenience.
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