What are the common sense of gift giving?

by:Ennas      2022-02-14

Recommendations, gift giving can indeed create a lot of convenience for you to establish good interpersonal relationships, but gift giving is very particular about who to give gifts, when to give gifts, and when not to give gifts. There are customary etiquettes. , Do not understand the various gift-giving etiquette, not only can not realize the original intention of gift-giving, on the contrary, it will backfire. Various common sense of etiquette during the gift-giving process:   1. Wedding gift: As a friend attending a wedding banquet, you should buy a gift in advance. The gift is best to have meaning. A gold greeting card or wedding cake with a commemorative value to express the heart of congratulations and blessings to the bride and groom.   2. Custom gifts: Generally speaking, it is better for the poor at home; for the rich, exquisiteness is better; For lovers, lovers, lovers. What common sense should you know when giving gifts? Commemorative is better; for friends, fun and inspirational is better.   3. In fact, this is very inappropriate, because the patient needs to take medicine or injections on time every day during treatment. In fact, it is not suitable for taking supplements. Flowers or small bonsais are the best gifts for patients. However, The flowers sent are very particular, and some words are not suitable for patients. What common sense should you know when giving gifts? Generally speaking, the following flowers are good choices: roses, lilies, carnations, gypsophila, birds of paradise, etc. 4. Birthday gifts and gifts: birthday gifts are actually a kind of etiquette for celebrating birthdays. When giving birthdays to elders, it’s okay to have a little more etiquette. You don’t have to be formal when you celebrate birthdays for your peers. To celebrate birthdays to the elders, in addition to the clothes, you must also bring a gift that symbolizes health and longevity, such as a beautifully designed cake or a commemorative golden greeting card.
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