Western feelings _ figurine skills in modern ceramic art

by:Ennas      2021-10-15
Core tip: civilization with a long history in the west of sichuan, guizhou and yunnan is the place where the talents. On this piece of land has profound cultural background, ceramics and ceramic technology as people production and living with a long history of civilization in the west of sichuan, guizhou and yunnan is the place where the talents. On this piece of land has profound cultural background, ceramics and ceramic technology as people welcome happening in the need of production and life changes. Western people are good at innovation, open and detached, because mentality can open and inclusive, because however with western affection. In today's art world academic atmosphere was active. The end of the 20th century, we after western art trend shocks, the traditional Chinese culture and national deep connotation of digging, as Chinese art link of national consciousness and the direction of the deepening, make ceramic materials more sustainable explore the prospects for application. Throughout the development history of the western pottery will find here have formed a potter vibrant contemporary artists, professional team. These artists have a common characteristic, that is, most of them is a ceramic pottery 'fans', its main professional ( Or career now) Is a painter, sculptor, and other arts scholar and educator. These comprehensive art heritage and culture quality, involuntary performance in their passion of ceramic art creation, their works have certain independence and the plasticity of the ceramic art language. Pottery is probably the most ancient art in the world, we can make the development of human civilization from the pottery found in the birth of its origin. The development of the Chinese civilization has a history of nearly ten thousand years, and the characteristics of the Chinese art image can be found on the painted pottery origin; Abstract, decorative, symbols and lines modelling way, also all get on the painted pottery decorative design in a utensil genes; China later generations of bronze vessel, lacquer, small sculptures and paintings elements originated in ancient pottery. Can say pottery is has a long history in the ancient and traditional art form. But pottery is the latest art, pottery model is converted into as a function of purely aesthetic art, modern ceramic art works gives a distinct aesthetic characteristics. Whether it is the reflection of modern life, emotional expression of contemporary phenomenon, the modern form of reference and the use of modern technology material, make pottery with era characteristics. That is in the modern ceramic art in the various k inds of art is extremely unique shine. Also the modern ceramic art, it requires that artists to experience and express the contemporary life. China's western ceramist is more advantages than the eastern. West with his special geographical, historical and cultural factors have bashu civilization, tubo civilization, Dali kingdom culture, dunhuang culture, dazu grottoes culture, sanxingdui culture, jinsha river, and CangQiang culture is rich and deep. Potters have the advantage of it is in this western ecological public in its history, the humanities connotation and deep in the national art gene, the modelling of reference and ancient folk art elements, made a creative modern transformation. Here are shown on the part of the potter works of western 'feelings' ceramic art works more or less to reflect their feelings about contemporary life, experience and emotion, and unique creative ideas and artistic thought. Here show ceramic plate embossing, porcelain plate painting, variety of tea ware shape, character statues and style series has an affinity with the western ecological relationship, more deep relationship with regional culture and contemporary aesthetics. Western ceramist are rediscovering the value concept in traditional crafts and regional culture, and groped in the western style of modern ceramic art. Represented by the artists in the west of the potters have a strong sense of mission, that is to stick to tradition and innovation is decorous, creating art market, seeking to collect group. This for potter engaged in pure art and ceramic art teaching is a great challenge. Have so long tradition, so the unique culture, so the deep background, such a diversity of ideas, the prosperity of ceramic art creation and new western can be expected. How to found in traditional Chinese philosophy, traditional culture and art, and learn, and to determine the western ceramist road of art creation, has become our western ceramist inevitable question, the good news is, we see the has a large number of return to the path of the artist, is to improve, scientific and persistent attitude make efforts for Chinese ceramic art career. Ceramic art with profound traditional sichuan potters are focus on the future, combining modern industrial technology and the scientific results, for the development of Chinese ceramic art in the west of the expand larger space. ( Xiao-bing zhou: sichuan province artists association, director of the potters branch of sichuan normal university academy of fine arts professor)
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