Watching a small statue of the sound of 'art' ( Figure)

by:Ennas      2021-11-01
Core tip: li yan photography exhibition works of henan art center for the sound of 'art' reporter Liang Ning figurines biennale report from our correspondent on July 20, henan art center has a group of special 'guests' photography exhibition li yan henan art center for the sound of 'art' reporter Liang Ning figurines biennale report from our correspondent on July 20, henan art center has a group of special guests from home and abroad of 50 rack figurine works in the 'house', to attend a two-year 'voice of the art' figurines biennale. Henan audience can not only enjoy the little contact with the rack figurine art, also will appreciate at the same time to the project from henan symphony orchestra concert, in the 'visible' and 'sound' feeling full of artistic atmosphere. Exhibit on display for a long time when the city two years figurines are loved by more and more public and recognition, achievement the beautiful urban scenery, another form of figurine art frame figurines, but always stop at the salon PinWan and museum collections, solidification on the 'altar' of art. The sound of the henan art center 'art' figurines biennale for the rack figurines and ordinary audience set up a convenient 'time tunnel' : when the rack figurines in the performing arts 'temple', the audience can not only enjoy the high grade figurine art, can also feel the elegant art performance in art center; At the same time, the organizers of the establishment of the 'two years, during two years' long-term display concept, in the true sense realize the connotation of 'biennale'. For the use of the biennale art, henan province, provincial artists association, chairman of the federation chairman guo-qiang ma gave high praise: 'the achievements of art has never been an artist can unilaterally, hold, and how to hold exhibitions, is one characteristic of artistic proposition. Figurine art should not only by city figurines form into the society, but also by creating a newer, more form widely social cognition. The exhibition, let's see, henan figurine art of progress is entirely can expect. 'For years to build a wonderful artical excelling nature, according to zhengzhou figurines mural courtyard dean Zhang Songzheng the event was hosted by the cultural department of henan province and henan province artist association, mural art center, zhengzhou city, henan figurine institute to undertake. Since announced notice released on March 11, were collected from parts of the country and the United States, Britain, Turkey and other countries more than 530 pieces. After the panel members workshops, finally selected 50, be seleted work entrants both masters, and there was a rookie, is refreshing. At the entrance of henan art center negative on the first floor hall, where a member of Chinese artists association Wu Shuhua home 'is the month attracted the attention of many viewers, the height of 90 cm, 40 cm wide and 30 cm thick resin imitation bronze works, poetic flavour ground will du fu still image display; Henan province artist association member wen-chao song works 'colorful', unexpectedly will music baton off beautiful trajectory of solidification in the air as the figurines, like a flow of poem, a picture of the solidification, many viewers are intoxicated in this wonderful artistic conception; 50 the figurines of the rack, novel and unique, or rivers, or to the human nature, with its strong artistic imagination infected with the audience. According to henan art center director Wang Shijun, these works from idea generation, material selection to sculpt shape, are basically after years of building, the difficulty is very big, the rack figurines of labor is very delicate and exquisite. And painting and calligraphy art, calligraphy and painting works mistakes also good repair, and these small sculpture multi-purpose component may be the whole work will destroy, need to start all over again. ' Wang Shijun told reporters, they will let viewers vote for the favorite 5 pieces, in the end of the most popular five shelves figurines will serve as a permanent art center display fine figurines for collection.
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