Watch the exhibition carefully, 11.17 Eurasian preschool registration is in full swing~

by:Ennas      2022-01-06

30000㎡ exhibition scale 400+ exhibitors ready to go 1000+ high-quality brands are waiting for cooperation 30000+ professional visitors will meet you with new kindergarten products + forum activities + efficient docking The curtain of the exhibition is waiting for you! [Pre-registration of visitors, hot In progress!] ▼ Seeing such a tall exhibition, you must be tempted to visit the site immediately! How to get the visit card easily and quickly without the hassle of queuing to fill in the form? Now let the editor teach you how to get the correct registration posture: ▼ Pre-registration on the official website 1. Official website address: www.ouyakids.com 2. Find it The homepage 'Visit Service'-'Pre-register' and click, enter the page and fill in the relevant information after submission; WeChat audience pre-registration opens the Eurasian Preschool Education Exhibition Official Account (ouyakids50), and clicks 'Exhibition Service'-'Visit' 'Registration' read to the end, fill in the information to complete the 'VIP Buyer Pre-Registration'; enter the venue easily, so easy! Hurry up and pick up your mobile phone to pre-register in advance! There are so many benefits, do you want to come to the city? Group, free bus registration application~ 2, 2, VIP distribution agents, pre-show supply-demand matchmaking appointment registration; For details, please contact the organizing committee: 0371-60272790 Exhibition creates business opportunities, choice is greater than hard work! Looking forward to your participation! For more information, please visit the official website: www.ouyakids.com
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