Watch out for your baby's hearing loss, a domestic toy phone withdrawn from the European Union

by:Ennas      2022-01-03
(Original title: Beware of hearing damage for babies, a domestic toy mobile phone delisted from the European Union)    China Broadcasting Network, Nanjing, November 28 (Reporter Jingming Correspondent Chen Jian) u200bu200bThe reporter learned from the Jiangsu Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau on the 28th that the European Commission is non-food The rapid warning system recently issued a consumer warning to the Chinese-made Smiki brand toy mobile phone. This product will produce different sounds by pressing different pattern keys, but the continuous sound pressure is too high, which may cause permanent hearing damage, and does not meet the requirements of the 'EU Toy Safety Directive' and the relevant EU standard EN 71-1. At present, importers have taken delisting measures for the above-mentioned products.   Kunshan Inspection and Quarantine Bureau experts pointed out that some educational toys on the market will increase the baby's cognition by making sounds, which are very popular with mothers. However, if the sound of toys is not well controlled, it is easy to cause hearing damage. According to a statistics in the United States, among children aged 6 to 16, about 5.2 million children have at least one ear of hearing damage caused by noise to varying degrees. And one of the reasons for this kind of injury is toy noise.  Experts reminded that parents should be more vigilant about small speakers, walkie-talkie toys, squeeze toys, musical instruments toys, etc. If necessary, you can use adhesive tape to stick the sound-producing parts to reduce the volume. In addition to these deafening toys, ordinary sound-producing toys should not be used too close to the ears of the baby, otherwise the safe volume will be exceeded.
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