Wang Linyi couple deduce beloved plastic figurines home

by:Ennas      2021-08-14
Core tip: report from our correspondent ( Reporter Chen tao) Yesterday, the national art museum of China five exhibition hall rang the masterpieces of the French singer piaf 'la vie en rose', 'small statue Wang Linyi, reneeyunne-nikel couple works literature report from our correspondent ( Reporter Chen tao) Yesterday, the national art museum of China five exhibition hall rang the masterpieces of the French singer piaf 'la vie en rose', 'small case' statue Wang Linyi, reneeyunne-nikel couple works of literature in the melody of love, deductive method of multinational couple living in the 'model' of love. On more than 500 small sculpture and literature, is by far the largest art exhibition. Wang Linyi the creation of the best known, is a monument to the people's heroes on relief the May 30th movement, the work of this manuscript also, with the attitude of first appeared in the show. In fact, in the process of Wang Linyi creation, the scheme had been changed to 'force dadu river' and 'FeiDuo chain bridge' - — Wang Linyi draft for this creation of the clay sculpture and register in the exhibition on display for the first time. 'Wang Linyi teacher after decades of teaching, the' general '2 words, often mentioned is the mastery of work integrity. The May 30th movement relief, it fully reflects the control ability. 'Now is also home to famous statuette ShengYang, as representatives of the students attending teacher exhibition,' the teacher was very attaches great importance to the education law, thought not only to teach students according to their own interest. He once said, 'you don't student, all I have, no teacher don't students'. 'The same as the younger generation to come to the exhibition, and the original Chang Shana, dean of central academy of arts and crafts. But this time her identity is 'adopted daughter'. Originally, Wang Linyi, reneeyunne-nikel couples without children, while Chang Shana father Chang Shuhong France since early years studying in together with Wang Linyi friendship, Wang Linyi rightly become was born in France Chang Shana 'dry dad'. Reneeyunne-nikel, Chang Shana recalls, French name is within the us, kyle, was born in Paris famous noble family. When learning the art of same within us, kyle will and love Chinese students Wang Linyi told her family, was strongly opposed. 'At that time, they think that China's poor and backward, and blighted, worried about her daughter to suffer there. Later, after the graduation Wang Linyi got the Peiping YiZhuan professor letter of appointment, this just married reneeyunne-nikel. 'Said Chang Shana, she grew up with two old man also have many intersection, saw their great love life. Due to conflict, Wang Linyi, reneeyunne-nikel creation but still stored a lot of work. The exhibition focus presented since the 1950 s the two small sculpture creation. In Wang Linyi figure made of many tiny memorial statue, in addition to the May 30th movement relief, and the creation in 1951 of 'national unity' and the creation in 1958 of the northeast minority industrial and agricultural production. And reneeyunne-nikel very like small animals, her animal figurines has become one of the features of the figurine art. Interestingly, in these works, not only did she show its wild beauty, can also from Chinese traditional image such as 'have to' find inspiration. According to introducing, the old man as early as the beginning of the founding of new China apply for the Chinese nationality. It is reported that two old man was making a will, namely behind all donated to the central academy of fine arts, this national art museum of China are in the collection for flip permanent collection after casting. The exhibition will last until December 21. Our reporter RaoQiang perturbation
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