Walk into Chenghai Chenghua Toys Professional Street Town, see the regional characteristic pan-entertainment industry cluster

by:Ennas      2021-12-23

Report from this newspaper Reporter Chen Shi's photo report: In 2007, the first 'Transformers' movie came out, generating US$480 million in licensed toy revenue for the famous American toy manufacturer Hasbro. With the help of the power of the capital market, Aofei Animation, which has become less and less like a typical toy company, also told the story of a 'Chinese version of HasbroA pan-entertainment company that manufactures media, games and toys.   In an interview in Chenghua Street, located in the central city of Chenghai District, the reporter saw that this is a veritable toy street town with many large toy companies. There are two listed toy companies, Aofei Animation and Huawei. In recent years, with the implementation of the national 'Cultural Industry Revitalization Plan' and the rapid development of information technology, the traditional toy consumer groups have gradually transformed into culture, fashion, and entertainment. Chenghua Street gives full play to the advantages of the traditional toy industry, promotes industrial transformation and upgrading, takes the road of industrial integration, and injects cultural elements such as animation elements, game elements and film and television elements into the toy and gift industry to create a pan-entertainment industry cluster with regional characteristics.   Chenghai toy company's industrial integration road began with Aofei Company. In 1994, taking the popular animation 'Four-wheel drive Brothers' in China as an opportunity, Audi Toys was authorized to develop the first four-wheel drive toy car, and successively invested in the holding of Guangdong Province and the National Junior Four-Wheel Drive Competition to promote four-wheel drive products. The sales of Chenghai have increased significantly, marking the beginning of the integration of Chenghai toys and animation culture. With the development of the animation industry, street toy companies have gradually entered the upper reaches of the animation industry chain, stepped into the field of original animation, produced a large number of original animation films, and developed a variety of animation derivative products. In 2006, Aofei invested in the shooting of the first copyrighted cartoon 'Boys of FireThe second company that entered the animation field, Huawei Co., Ltd., began to cooperate with CCTV Animation Co., Ltd. in 2008, and was authorized to develop related animation products such as 'The Adventures of Little Carp' and 'Little Soldier'. The first toy company to cooperate on such projects. In addition to getting involved in the animation industry, street toy companies have also entered other pan-entertainment industries. Aofei Company began to acquire mobile game companies and other media companies since 2013, and expanded its business to other cultural and creative industries such as mobile games. Shifeng Company is actively targeting online games, implementing online and offline simultaneous development, launching the 'Chess and Three Kingdoms' online and table games, creating an era of domestic online game toy integration, and further extending and improving the toy industry chain.   Under the strong support and guidance of Chenghua Street, street toy companies have always been at the forefront of technological innovation. Since the late 1990s, toy manufacturers such as Audi, Huawei, and Shifeng have increased their investment in science and technology, and have successively established toy product design and technology development institutions. After entering the new century, Aofei Animation and Huawei have successively established Guangdong Provincial Engineering Technology Ru0026D Center. By 2014, there were 3 national high-tech enterprises (Aofei, Huawei, Qiguang) and 6 provincial-level private technology enterprises (Aofei, Huawei, Qiguang, Great Wall Hydropower, Shifeng, Hongtai). 1 provincial-level patent pilot enterprise (Aofei). It has 2 national well-known trademarks (Aofei, Huawei) and 2 Chinese famous brand products (Aofei, Huawei). In 2014, there were 92 street-level key enterprises with an output value of 10.357 billion yuan, accounting for 86.3% of the street's total industrial output value. Among them, 67 enterprises above designated size achieved an industrial output value of 10.152 billion yuan.
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