Wal-Mart’s own brand new doll series will be launched soon!

by:Ennas      2022-01-30
Walmart's 18-inch private label doll brand is expanding to foster more inclusiveness in the new year. Today, the retailer launched my autism advocate doll, which is a perfect companion for children who want to help others learn how to be kind, patient and support everyone. Two female dolls are available for pre-order today, and the boy version is scheduled to be released later. My life as an autism advocate doll | Source: Wal-Mart targets children aged 5 and over. My autism life advocate doll wears a red vest, gray T-shirt and denim ruffled skirt. Accessories include rubber bracelets, toy mobile phones, fidget spinners, beanies and a pair of headphones. The media interviewed Wal-Mart’s senior product development and purchasing manager-toy Angelina Princivalli and senior toy buyer Lisa Bowman to learn more about the expansion of the My Life As series More information. Princivalli said: My Life As is committed to creating dolls that represent strength, diversity and tolerance. A few years ago, we launched My Life As gymnasts with prostheses. We have received feedback from the public, which is positively representative of the 18-inch doll category. My life as a gymnast | Source: The debut of the Wal-Mart gymnast doll laid the foundation for other new dolls in my life series, including the Survivor doll inspired by children struggling with cancer. Bowman said: In the process of seeking to further expand the doll, we learned that about 1 in every 285 children will be diagnosed with cancer before their 20th birthday. Knowing the hard battles these young children face, we feel that they need a positive doll that can help them through difficult times. The reaction to our survivor doll was immediate. Not only did we receive countless responses from children and parents facing this battle, but we also realized that an organization in Ireland took the lead in buying and delivering hundreds of surviving dolls to Irish children fighting cancer. My life as a survivor|Source: Wal-Mart In the past two years, the Wal-Mart design team has been committed to developing its autism advocate doll. We recognize that we need a doll that connects with the autism community, Princivalli said. We want to provide autistic children, autistic brothers and sisters and friends with a doll that represents them. The development of the doll took two years and extensive research was carried out to ensure the correctness of the doll. We talked with autism therapists and many people in the autism community to gain more knowledge and insights to help the development of the doll. Our hope is that autism advocate dolls will help spread the awareness and acceptance of children with autism. My life as an autism advocate | Source: Walmart My autism advocate doll can be ordered on walmart.com. The dolls are expected to arrive at the store on or around January 18.
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