VTech's latest events | VTech launches new play house toy series

by:Ennas      2022-01-30
This year VTech's play house toy series can be described as one after another, one after another. First is the high-value afternoon tea, then the huge fun baby vacuum cleaner, and now the super cute and fun toaster will be launched! Like the previous two models, the fun toaster not only has a cute appearance and rich accessories, but also allows children to become little chefs and make quick breakfasts. They can also learn a variety of knowledge and cultivate healthy habits. Let's get along well~ For modern people who live in a fast pace every day, who don't have a few quick breakfast recipes, and toast is definitely one of the most convenient choices. However, ordinary toast tastes the same as chewing wax, and after being baked in the oven, it becomes burnt and delicious. Therefore, the toaster is also a must-have breakfast companion for many families. VTech's fun toaster, with highly simulated cute shapes, attracts babies to imitate their mothers and make fragrant toasts! It comes with 9 small accessories such as bacon, eggs, jam, fork plate, etc., enough for your baby to cook a delicious, fast and hearty breakfast~ The VTech fun toaster has a double grill design, which can bake two slices of bread at a time; Turn the knob, you can also adjust the degree of bread baking; press the baking joystick, the bread will pop out; Ha, look at the animation above, you can smell the fragrance through the screen! It's exactly the same as a real toaster, and it's so realistic! Paired with bacon and eggs, the happy breakfast was immediately served on the table, almost like getting the mother's true story. The mother may be surprised that the baby has learned those little life skills invisibly through long-term observation. It is true that he is a little adult. In addition, unlike ordinary play house toys, the VTech fun toaster also has an early education and learning function. Press the 123 food button to teach the baby healthy diet matching methods, learn to use tableware, and cultivate a good habit of paying attention to hygiene Oh~ Ba Ba Ma Ma, let's arrange it for the babies~
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