VTech has another new product: a vacuum cleaner for babies!

by:Ennas      2022-01-26
The mother is cooking, and the baby is eager to try; the mother is cleaning, and the baby wants to have fun with tools...In the face of the adult world, the babies’ curiosity and desire to imitate are unstoppable and unstoppable. Can't stop it...Thanks to the birth of the play house toy, the babies can finally get what they want'~ After the high-value afternoon tea set, VTech has launched a new play house toy, Q Cute and childlike, fresh and fresh, boys and girls can play-the key is to liberate adults, and at the same time, you can exercise children's good habits and master life skills~☟ Look, this is VTech's latest baby vacuum cleaner: too cute Got it! It cannot be said to be exactly the same as a real vacuum cleaner, at least it is exactly the same. It can be perfectly integrated in any corner of the home~ Equipped with 10 shape blocks with different colors and different expressions (simulation garbage), allowing babies to imitate adults to vacuum and clean from now on It also started to become interesting~ The baby vacuum cleaner has rich voices, which will encourage the baby to clean up the trash and give affirmation in time, so that the baby feels that he is a part of the family, contributes his own strength, and cultivates a sense of family responsibility. You can also teach your baby to identify the color of trash, count trash, learn knowledge while playing, and improve cognitive ability. For example, in the number mode, you can play 3 kinds of games: the first one, you can count while sucking the rubbish block, starting from 1. -10, take the trouble; the second type, give instructions to suck a specified number of garbage blocks, every time you suck a block, you will be counted once, and there will be a reminder that the remaining blocks need to be cleaned; the third type, the countdown starts, encourage the baby to suck at the specified time Take as many rubbish pieces as possible; like a little life teacher who teaches babies to count in a different way, but there is no way that it is easy to understand and interesting? Take a closer look, the cyclone drum of the vacuum cleaner can be rotated at any time, and it can also allow babies to observe the working principle of the vacuum cleaner, discover causality, and inspire thinking. It is more than just learning to count. The handle of the vacuum cleaner can also be adjusted in 2 angles, suitable for different heights. Baby operation, easy to implement and more effortless, don't be too thoughtful. It is also equipped with a rear-mounted small trailer, and the small garbage has a place to recycle, and a neat and clean home can be restored in time. At the same time of cleaning, it helps the baby gain a sense of happiness, self-confidence and accomplishment, cherish the fruits of labor, and cultivate the baby's good habit of loving labor and paying attention to hygiene. There are some awesome baby vacuum cleaners, and you will know how fragrant it is when you enter it!
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