VTech GearZooz Animal Gear Assembly Series Gear Splicing·Interesting Drag

by:Ennas      2022-02-06
Parents have young children, and toys are definitely indispensable. Perhaps many families use a large storage box to organize children's toys, because there are really too many! Among the many toys, the ones that parents love are educational toys. VTech GearZooz animal gear assembly series, gear splicing and fun dragging, exercise the baby's ability in multiple directions. VTech GearZooz animal gear assembly series 1. Large-particle gears specially designed for infants and young children; 2. Integration of the Steam concept and the needs of developmental sensitive periods; 3. The installation and rotation of gears are equipped with rich correlation reactions; 4. Gears, animals , Music, games, etc., to support each other for playing and learning; 5. Colorful and open components, multi-dimensional assembly games; VTech GearZooz animal gear assembly series, large particles specially crafted for infants and young children Gear toys, combined with the Steam education concept, are well-suited to the developmental characteristics of infants and young children in the sensitive period. They creatively combine gears, animals, music, etc., subverting the traditional building blocks, and let children do it again through three-dimensional and multi-dimensional assembly. Use your brain to improve your baby's hands-on ability, hand-eye coordination, creativity and concentration, etc. At the same time, through the introduction of basic machinery, structure, and physics knowledge, children's awareness of reasoning, calculation and design will be cultivated, which will play a role in enlightenment at a young age.
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