Vigeland human figurine art

by:Ennas      2020-05-28
Core tip: vigeland human figurine art, not only in the domestic famous in Norway has for a long time, is also celebrated in small statue in the world history. In honor of the distinguished figurines masters to the Norwegian people, and even the human figurines of vigeland art, not only in the domestic famous in Norway has for a long time, is also celebrated in small statue in the world history. In honor of the distinguished figurines masters to the Norwegian people, and the world selfless dedication and immortal contributions to the government building in downtown Oslo in Norway with his name 'small vigeland sculpture park. Figurines vigeland park covers an area of about 50 hectares. Set the whole park from the main entrance, Bridges, fountains, round steps, life and death column, continue on a 850 - meter - long axis. Planted in the park have vigeland human figurine works 192, figures, statues of 650 people. These human statues in the materials used copper, iron, and granite, etc. , spent vigeland more than 20 years of effort, is bloody vigeland lifetime. Vigeland is Norway in the south China sea shore a peasant boy, like reading and painting since I was a child, my father is a good carpenter, due to the poor, after 15 years old his father to be burdened family, spare time to persist in learning anatomy and small sculpture art. 20 years old start in the national exhibition on display at the first of his works. Into small vigeland sculpture park is like entering a open hall of art. Statue, vivid figures put here is rich in art works, have innocent and lively children, youth of the emotions and bold and unrestrained, hard hard in the prime of life, but dying of old age, in the world the hearts of men and women, old and young, life in the shows. Vigeland figurine art are mainly composed of the human body, highlight a theme is the birth and death of the people. His works focus on after score, reflects the human from birth through childhood, youth, youth, middle age, maturity, old age, until the death of the whole process of life. In addition, the small statue of his works also embodied in delicate life on the score of each period, like a statue of crying statue 'angry' the little boy, the little boy stamped and waving fists, was crying loudly, forced expression is extremely vivid true, as if in search of 'the love of parents'. And reflect a group like a daughter married before the mother to comb the hair, mother happy and loathe to give up, daughter is shy and excitement of form, put in that kind of affection, love, out of the incisively and vividly performance. Vigeland sculpture, all of them are nude art to reflect the line of beauty, form beauty. Vigeland in Paris in 1892, it is said, to tour the great artist studio of rodin, inspired by human figurine art of rodin original views and influence, make each a small statue of his works in the future, are saturated with master perspiration, glaring, tells the story of life, get the respect and recognition of the world. Every day, go to the small vigeland sculpture park. Visit the tourists from all over the world is always an endless stream, even the local people, Oslo have time also like to run here. Here, you can read out the value and significance of life; Can also interpret the greatness and dignity of life; Can also interpret the fate of the helpless and pain. Of course, they are not interested in, don't appreciate. Anyone is in short sentence: 'guess'. Auguste & # 183; Rodin, French outstanding human figurines, is known as 'naked art master'. Is he will be stagnant in the 19th century the figurine art 'raises the boundless wilderness, the collar on the soil of hope'. He gives little statue in human life, to express a kind of ideal, a kind of mood, to make art, experience the life of people feel the tremor of the mind. At the same time, the statue of advocate natural beauty of human body size, his life with his wife and lover Ross kamil & # 183; Crowe lingering between glendale, poignant love story, is enough to the world and his works its scale.
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