Vietnam seizes China's'toxic toys' worth about 290,000 yuan

by:Ennas      2021-11-08
According to a report on the 13th by Vietnam’s “Young People”, Fan Wenyou, director of the market management branch of Khanh Hoa Province, a large coastal province in central and southern Vietnam, said on the same day that a market management team had been sent to investigate and deal with toxic toys sold by some businesses. Earlier, Khanh Hoa Provincial Institute of Science and Technology issued a warning to relevant businesses to pay attention to toys from China containing toxic substances. Vietnam’s 'Youth Daily' stated that the authorities of Khanh Hoa province have investigated and dealt with products worth about 1 billion VND (about 290,000 yuan), including toys with violent properties such as toy guns and plastic swords. As well as alcohol, cakes and other commodities. Many of these products come from China. Fan Wenyou said that the market management teams will continue to carry out inventory activities, but the difficulty of law enforcement is that many businesses selling ‘toxic toys’ are mobile vendors.   It is also reported that on the 13th, on the roads of Khanh Hoa province’s capital, Nha Trang Guangzhong and Li Guidong, many Chinese toys that were being sold were also recommended by the market management branch to take back. Products include early education machines, animation stickers, etc. In addition, the Ministry of Education of Khanh Hoa Province recently stipulated that all schools should prohibit students from bringing Chinese toxic toys to classes.  According to the 'Global Times' reporter, the Vietnamese government has never issued a public certification indicating which toxic substances are contained in Chinese toys. However, such reports do have a certain impact on the buying behavior of local people. The reporter has visited many toy markets in Vietnam. According to observations, Chinese toys account for 70% to 80%.   (Original title: Vietnam's major provinces seized and seized China's toxic toys, valued at approximately RMB 290,000)
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